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My names Tristan I've been with ASN for 7 years. It all started back in 2008 when I was working part time in our ASN Richmond store. After 6 months I moved up to the Gold Coast to manage the ASN Mermaid Beach store. 2 years later I opened up my first ASN store in Robina with my Twin Brother Jarrod. Since then I have opened up 4 more stores (ASN Mooloolaba, ASN Toowoomba, ASN Gladstone, ASN Rockhampton) with my business partners Ben and Joel. Health and Fitness is my passion, especially bodybuilding and I have competed 13 times over the space of 7 years. I find it gives me discipline, drive and a purpose to my training and nutrition. I recently got engaged to my amazing fiance Carmelle, and am building a new house in the Gold Coast and life couldn't be much better. I am currently aiming to compete in September 2016 in the INBA Qld titles, and aim to go for my pro card and really push my body to the limits. I love ASN, and helping individuals on a daily basis, educating them on food, training and of course correct supplementation.


As mentioned above my goal this year is to compete in September in the INBA QLD titles, and then over in Bali for the pro qualifier 4 weeks later. I aim to compete at 77kg at 4% body fat, and am confidant I can get there.


Breakfast - 100g uncooked oats, 1 scoop Evolve Natural WPI, 1 x banana,1 x scoop green machine, 4 x nutralife fish oils, 2 x vitabolic multivitamin tabs Mid morning - 8 rice cakes with 50g avocado and 100g cooked chicken Lunch - 100g cooked chicken, 100g zucchini, 30g almonds Mid afternoon - 100g chobani yogurt, 1 scoop evolve 3 Whey Pre training (hour and a half before) - 100g cooked chicken, 300g cooked brown rice During training - 1 scoop Evolve damage control, 1 scoop Evolve maltodextrin Post workout - 2 scoops Evolve Anabolic Injection, 5g Evolve L Glutamine, 2g Vit C, 1 scoop GenTec EAA Dinner - 150g cooked scotch fillet steak, 300g cooked sweet potato, 100g green veggies Before bed - 3 scoops gen tec Casein Custard 10 mins before bed - 3 x ZMA capsules and 5g Evolve L glutamine


My training varies all the time, as I work in 4 week blocks and mixture of strength, hypertrophy and high rep. At the moment i'm following a 4 day a week program that looks like this:

Day 1 - Incline bench press, Incline DB press, Bench Press, Dumbell fly, Tricep pushdown, rope pushdown, overhead cable tricep extension, DB kickback

Day 2 - Deadlift, bent over barbell row, one arm dumbell row, leg extension, leg curl, Barbell lunge

Day 3 - Dumbell shoulder press, lateral raise, dumbell front raise, rear lateral raise, barbell shrug, dumbell curl, dumbell hammer curl, dumbell concentration curl

Day 4 - Squat, leg press, squat lock out, glute ham raise, calf raise, seated calf raise


Morning - 4 x fish oils, 2 x vitabolic multi, 1 x scoop green machine

Pre training - Recon Ambush, 1 teaspoon Evolve creatine, 1/2 teaspoon Gentec Beta alanine

During training - 1 scoop evolve maltodextrin, 1 scoop evolve damage control

After training - 2 scoops Evolve anabolic injection, 1 teaspoon evolve l glutamine

With my breakfast - 1 x scoop Evolve natural WPI

Before bed - 3 x ZMA capsules


2008 - INBA Mr Junior Victoria, ANB Mr Junior Victoria, INBA Mr Junior Australia

2009 - INBA Mr Intermediate QLD, INBA Mr intermediate Australia, ANB under 80's 1st place

2011 - ANB Mr Newcastle, INBA Class 1 1st place, ANB under 80's 1st place, 4th place INBA Class 1 Mr Australia titles

2013 - INBA class 1 and under 77kg 1st place, INBA Mr Brisbane overall male winner, ANB Asia pacific titles 3rd place


"Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever"

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