Brett Carrington

About me

I have been a personal trainer for over a decade and a sports nutritionist for over 6 years. My passion for helping people build healthier and better versions of themselves Is recognised by the 100s of transformations my clients have had physically and mentally.

I am an outdoors person at heart and love surfing, but am also an avid bodybuilder looking to compete again in 2025.

Current Health & Fitness Goals

Continue to build muscle to get back on the bodybuilding stage but also remain strong and fit to allow me to surf 4-6 hours across the week.


I have been amongst the flexible dieting generation for over 8 years and definitely coach and am an advocate for a balanced, flexible and enjoyable approach to nutrition. I teach people how to improve their mindset and approach to nutrition.

Do you follow any specific training routine?

I weight train anywhere between 4-5 x a week focusing on building muscle and strength. I prefer to rest 1-2 days during the week and 1 day on the weekend. This aids in recovery but also allows me to get more activities such as surfing in as well. 

Current favourite supplements

Favourite inspirational quote

“In order to achieve something, you have never had, you need to do things you have never done”