EHP Labs

EHP Labs is a global sports supplements brand that was founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their name stands for Empowered Human Potential, and they have spent the last decade dedicating themselves to formulating and researching the highest quality of products in the fitness industry.

Renowned for their flagship product OxyShred, EHP labs Australia has garnered a reputation as Australia’s #1 product. EHP have helped millions of people achieve their body and health goals. EHP Lab believe in ‘empowerment through lifting others’ and strive to provide its customers with the tools they need to succeed while educating them and helping them make healthier, informed choices.

With over 20 supplements in their range including pre-workouts, proteins powders, amino acids, creatine and thermogenics, there is something for everyone. EHP Labs have a range of pre-workout products to fuel your performance and provide you with energy. Spearheaded by their best-selling OxyShred, this thermogenic has made a mark in the fitness industry for years, deeming it one of the brand’s best-selling supplements, and for good reason! Pride is another effective pre-workout alternative that packs a punch with its 5-stage energy release matrix and performance EAA blend, coining it the name ‘king of pre-workouts’. Recover after a session with their range of protein powders options that include a powerful whey protein isolate with IsoPept, a delicious whey blend with OxyWhey or enhance your workout results with Crea-8 Creatine. There's almost nothing you need that you won’t find with EHP Labs: EHP Beyond can deliver your fix of BCAA+ EAAs, while their OxyGlow Marine Collagen can support your skin, hair and nail health with their vitamin-packed blend. They even have a range of products to help you get the best rest possible with OxySleep.

EHP Labs have the vision to empower others, and their dynamic team of passionate workers have created a culture built on empowering human potential. If you share their passion for empowerment, or you’re looking for a results-driven manufacturer to support your performance, at ASN we are proud stockists of EHP Labs' most effective products.

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Where Can I Buy Ehp Labs Products?

You can find the best EHP Labs products across our 32 Australian stores. We stock nearly everything they have to offer at EHP Labs, from their best-selling OxyShred to their daily OxyGreensformula.

Does Ehp Labs Oxyshred Work?

If you’re trying to hit your body goals and need to shed some extra weight, OxyShred can help you boost your progress. The EHP in EHP Labs stands for ‘Empowered Human Potential’, so you better believe that they’ve made a product that can fuel you towards reaching that potential.

OxyShred has six scientifically supported benefits, contains no heavy stimulants and is vegan-friendly. This formula promotes shredding, can optimise your focus and drive your performance up a level.

Is Ehp Labs Good?

The EHP in EHP Labs stands for ‘Empowered Human Potential’ because they believe in empowerment through lifting others. 

EHP Labs were founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and they are dedicated to researching and creating the highest quality supplements in the fitness industry. Their primary objective is to help people reach their training goals, and they are renowned for their flagship product, OxyShred.

EHP Labs are dedicated to science and quality, focusing on scientific and pharmaceutical research in the areas of molecular biochemistry, human biomechanics, sports nutrition and exercise sports science.

Is Ehp Labs Protein Good?

EHP Labs have created an innovative, science-based, non-GMO formula that is designed to support lean muscle development and weight management. Their OxyWhey Lean Wellness Protein is made with 100% pure, lean, non-GMO whey protein and contains Chromium Picolinate to support appetite control and reduce the risk of overeating.

If you’re trying to lose weight with a formula that supports your digestion, metabolism, immune system and recovery, OxyWhey is a fantastic option.

Is Ehp Labs Creatine Good?

EHP Labs CREA-8 is a pharmaceutical-grade, 100% pure creatine monohydrate blend that contains no stimulants, sugars, carbs, or fillers. This formula is unflavoured and perfect for stacking and contains 3 different amino acids in glycine, arginine, and methionine. 

This formula has been lab-tested and can help you enhance your strength, recovery and brain function. EHP Labs are trusted by millions worldwide, and with creatine being one of the most effective and safe muscle-building supplements worldwide, there is no doubt that CREA-8 is a high-quality and effective product.

Is Ehp Labs Oxyshred A Pre Workout?

Yes. EHP Labs OxyShred is a thermogenic pre-workout that is designed to help you achieve your body goals. Trusted by millions globally, this vegan-friendly formula is one of the world’s best formulas to help you achieve your body and performance goals.