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Intra-workout supplements are an essential component of any fitness routine, helping you maintain and build on your exercise performance. When it comes to intra-workout supplements to support your performance, there are countless intra-workout options.

Amino acid supplements like EAAs and BCAAs support exercise performance and muscle repair, while carbohydrate supplements help provide the energy and fuel needed for intensive workouts. Electrolyte supplements help replenish the body's electrolyte balance during physical activity, preventing dehydration and cramping during high-intensity training. If you’re looking to improve your energy, endurance, power output and performance, intra-workout supplements can support your goals.


When it comes to the best intra-workout supplements, the best place to start is with your electrolytes. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is the most popular option, delivering a blend of amino acids, electrolytes, and caffeine to support your energy levels. For the best carbohydrate supplements, you can’t go wrong with Evolve Incredible Carbs, which is a rapid-carb delivery system designed to support energy and recovery. For your fix of amino acids, RCN Amino Corps offers an advanced formula that delivers EAAs, BCAAs, electrolytes, minerals, and more to support performance and recovery. 


As the leading supplement retailer in Australia, ASN offers a comprehensive range of the best intra-workout supplements to help you achieve your health & training goals.

With a wide variety of intra-workout supplements to support your goals, we only stock supps from the most reputable brands here at ASN. Brands like Optimum Nutrition, Scivation, and Tailwind Nutrition are all known for providing high-quality intra-workout supplements.

For help finding the best intra-workout supplements or to learn more about how they work, visit us in-store or reach out online. Our friendly team are always available to help you achieve your health & fitness goals.

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Intra Workout FAQs

What is an intra workout supplement?

Intra-workout supplements are designed to be consumed during exercise or physical activity to help improve performance, endurance, and recovery. These supplements usually come in the form of powders or drinks and are designed to provide the body with essential nutrients and energy to help you push forward during training. Some of the best intra-workout supplements are amino acids, electrolytes, and carbohydrates

Are intra workout supplements worth it?

Intra-workout supplements are designed to be consumed during a workout to support energy, endurance, hydration and nutrient replenishment. These supplements can absolutely be worth it, but it ultimately depends on your goals. Athletes competing in team sports like football or participating in intense activities like running and cycling should absolutely consider intra-workout supplements.

Do intra workout supplements work?

Yes, intra-workout supplements are a great option for endurance athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to maximise performance. Intra-workout supplements are specifically designed to support your body during exercise, helping you push harder and longer. From amino acids and electrolytes to carbohydrates, these formulas support energy, endurance, nutrient replenishment, hydration, and muscle recovery.

What is the best intra workout supplement?

When it comes to the best intra-workout supplement, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of RCN Amino Corps. This comprehensive formula offers a combination of EAAs, BCAAs, minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients to support your performance and repair. Ashwagandha has been included to support cortisol control, while AstraGin supports nutrient absorption. This formula offers comprehensive support for hydration, endurance, and muscle repair.

When to take intra workout supplement?

The best time to take an intra-workout supplement is during exercise when you’re looking for an extra boost to push you through. If you’re training outdoors or for long periods, these supplements are essential in replenishing electrolytes lost during sweat, and can help you stay hydrated so you can keep performing.