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If you’re sensitive to dairy, lactose intolerant or following a vegan diet, you might want to consider a dairy-free protein powder.

Dairy-free protein powders used natural, plant-based sources of protein and contain amino acid profiles to supplement the aminos lost from animal protein. These protein powders can help you support your training and recovery, supporting a plant-based diet and offering more support to sensitive stomachs.

Dairy-free protein shakes are nutrient-dense, easy to digest and typically contain a lower calorie count compared to whey protein. 

Find the Best Protein Powder Without Dairy

Dairy-free protein powder generally contains between 20–35g of natural plant protein per serving, and is low in fats and carbs while offering amino acids and other ingredients that can support your nutrient intake, recovery, and performance.

Among the best products on the market, we stock Evolve Vegan Protein, which is gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% natural. This formula uses naturally defatted peanut protein that’s high in fibre and full of aminos, as well as pea and rice protein sources.

Macro Mike’s Peanut Plant Protein offers the delicious taste of peanut butter and uses 100% natural wholefood ingredients to create a smooth and creamy blend that can support your training goals.

Shop Pregnancy Safe Protein Powder in Australia

As a leading sports nutrition retailer in Australia, we are pleased to offer a complete set of dairy-free proteins that can help you achieve your training and health goals. From brands like EHP LabsEvolve, and PranaON, we only stock the most effective brands.

For the best dairy-free protein powders that can support your training goals, reach out online or head into one of our 34 Australian stores, and our knowledgeable team will help you find what you’re looking for. Alternatively, check out our Top 10 Vegan Protein Powders page here.

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Diary Free Protein FAQs

What is dairy free protein powder?

Dairy-free protein powders are completely dairy-free, and typically plant-based and vegan-friendly. These formulas replace whey protein with plant-based protein formulas, ranging from organic pea protein to watermelon or pumpkin seed protein.

What are the ingredients in dairy free protein powder?

Instead of whey protein, dairy-free protein powders will typically use a variety of organic pea protein, hemp protein, rice protein, peanut protein, watermelon seed, pumpkin seed or sunflower seed protein. Sometimes they combined multiple together in one blend.

These formulas will also generally have an amino acid profile to make up for the amino acids that are found in animal products like dairy. Plant sources are generally low or missing key amino acids, so dairy-free supplements are boosted with aminos to support that nutrient intake (McGrance, K. 2020).

What is the nutritional value of dairy free protein powder?

Dairy-free protein powders typically contain between 20–35g protein per serving, are low in fats and carbs, and contain amino acid complexes to supplement the aminos lost from animal protein. They also usually contain 100% natural plant protein from various sources.

Who should use dairy free protein powder?

If you’re lactose intolerant or have any intolerance to dairy products, or you prefer a vegan-friendly or plant-based diet, dairy-free protein powders are a great option for you.

How does dairy free protein powder compare to regular protein powder?

Whey proteins are typically considered to be more complete, owing to the fact that they possess all 9 essential amino acids. Dairy-free proteins will typically supplement this by containing an amino acid profile of their own. Whey proteins are also considered quicker to absorb. As lactose is a common sensitivity in people, dairy-free proteins are an effective substitute (Davidson, K. 2021).

How much protein is in dairy free protein powder?

Dairy-free protein powders will generally contain the same amounts as a standard protein supplement. They will typically contain anywhere from 20-35g of protein per serving.