Healthy Ageing Supplements

Consuming a balanced nutritional diet and getting in a healthy amount of exercise can work wonders in the long term. Still, there are certain supplements that can help you slow specific aging processes within your body. 

Healthy aging supplements typically contain ingredients like curcumin, collagen, crocin, vitamin C and NMN, which can work to support your health and wellbeing as you age.


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Different supplements will support different functions. For example, a collagen supplement like Evolve Collagen or Beauty Collagen will target the health of your skin, hair, joints and tendons. In contrast, an NMN formula can work to support your body at a cellular level. 

For a comprehensive supplement that supports NAD+ and Collagen, Glaxon NAD+ Synergy can improve your immune function while improving your body’s NAD+ and collagen levels.


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Healthy Ageing FAQs

What are healthy ageing supplements?

healthy supplements are designed to support healthy aging and can slow certain aging processes while reducing the risk of age-related diseases from occurring. Alongside a balanced diet and regular exercise, anti-aging supplements are another alternative to support healthy aging to slow the effects of aging on your body (Kubala, J. 2022).

What do healthy ageing supplements do?

These supplements won’t actually prevent you from aging because nothing can stop that. But, they can slow certain aging processes and may reduce the risk of age-related diseases and illnesses (Kubala, J. 2022).

What are the active ingredients in the supplement?

Ingredients will vary, but in general, curcumin, collagen, CoQ10, crocin, and vitamin C have all been shown to offer age-supporting effects. EGCG, NR, NMN, and others have also been shown to support healthy aging (Kubala, J. 2022).

Who is most likely to use healthy ageing supplements?

Your body will generally start aging in your 30s, with most bodily functions peaking slightly before you turn 30 before gradually beginning to decline (Stefanacci, R. 2022). In general, you can take anti-aging supplements when you feel any symptoms of aging or at a younger age to strengthen yourself against the symptoms of aging.

How long do healthy ageing supplements take to work?

Anti-aging supplements are designed to support healthy aging while delaying certain aging processes. Because of this, results are not going to show overnight. It will take consistent use over a lengthy period of time to get the best out of anti-aging supplements.

How often should I take healthy ageing supplements?

You should take healthy aging supplements consistently for the best results, so follow the instructions on the nutritional panel of the product for the best results.

How much of the supplement should be taken daily?

Different products will follow different formulas, so follow the instructions on the nutritional panel for information on the recommended daily dosages.

What are the potential side effects of taking the supplement?

Unless you take high doses or combine healthy aging supplements with different supplements that contain the same ingredients, you shouldn’t experience any side effects. If you do suffer any adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult a GP.