Phyba is the freshest face on the plant-based plain - launching onto the scene to create a natural range of supplements made from real food and plant-based ingredients without any harmful additives.

Phyba started with James Newbury, a CrossFit athlete motivated to create a healthier planet. Determined to produce products that inspire and educate people on the benefits of a holistic and sustainable lifestyle, James teamed up with Matt Legge, a naturopath with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

Together they united out of necessity, creating a solution called Phyba.

Phyba made a name for themselves by creating a plant-based protein powder that is smooth, delicious, easy to mix, and gentle on your gut. Their PLNT Protein Powder is built with an innovative, custom Gut Matrix™ to support healthy digestion and nutrient utilisation.

Phyba has since built on their successful vegan protein formulas, launching an innovative range of new health-conscious products. Their Super Browns is a game-changing elevation of the typical Greens Powder and is designed to provide a comprehensive whole-body source of nutrition.

Phlora Phuel is a gut health formula that utilises their renowned Gut Matrix™ to support nutrient absorption, digestion and gut health. For a natural energy boost without caffeine, Yeet Perfect is a genuine cellular energy metabolism support tonic that can support energy, focus and performance.

As a leading supplement retailer in Australia, ASN is a proud stockist of the innovative formulas of Phyba. If you’re looking for the best Phyba products, head online or drop into one of our 33 Australian stores, and our friendly team will help you find what you’re looking for.

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What is Phyba?

Phyba is making waves with its natural range of supplements, crafted from real food and plant-based ingredients. With a focus on purity and sustainability, Phyba was born from the collaboration of James Newbury, a dedicated CrossFit athlete, and Matt Legge, an experienced naturopath. They joined forces to create a solution that inspires and educates people about the benefits of a holistic, sustainable lifestyle.

Is Phyba PLNT protein good?

PLNT Protein is a game-changing plant-based protein option formulated with 22g of organic pea protein per serving and blended with watermelon seed protein, sunflower seed protein, and pumpkin seed protein.  With a custom Gut Matrix™, this formula supports healthy digestion and nutrient utilisation. This vegan-friendly blend contains all essential amino acids derived from legumes and seeds, making it more than just a standard plant protein. This formula is ideal for building lean muscle and recovery.

What is the Gut Matrix?

The Gut Matrix is an innovative postbiotic blend made right here in Australia. This formula supports a healthy intestinal microbiome, contributing to healthy digestion and nutrient utilisation. 

The Gut Matrix can create a specific matrix of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics that support gut health and digestion.

Where can I buy Phyba from?

You can purchase the best Phyba products right here at ASN! Shop online with ease or drop in-store across one of our 33 Australian stores.