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Muscle Gain & Strength

Chasing those gains? Make sure you add some muscle gain & strength supplements to your stack. From protein powder and creatine to pump pre-workout formulas, with the right supplements to support your training, you can achieve your muscle and strength goals in no time.

Protein powders can help you recover after exercise, helping to repair and maintain muscle tissue while stimulating growth. Creatine can improve strength and lean muscle mass, helping to create the appearance of bigger, fuller muscles. Pump formulas build on this, using ingredients like L-Citrulline, Arginine and Beta-Alanine to create muscle pumps during exercise.


If you’re trying to build muscle and increase your strength, you’ve certainly got your pick of the best tools to support you. Protein supplements like Evolve WPI offer a rapid release that supports muscle recovery and lean muscle growth, while Rule 1 WPI Protein can promote muscle and strength gains while supporting recovery with a clean formula. To find out our top favourite protein powders, check out our Top 10 Protein Powders page.

Creatine supplements like ATP Science’s Creatine support cell volumisation and contains CreaPure creatine, which is the highest recognised standard of creatine. Switch Nutrition’s Creatine also harnesses CreaPure creatine and can support increased strength and power while supporting recovery.

For an effective formula before you start training, pre-workout formulas like Ghost Pump and Alpha Breed Swole-Mate can support intense muscle pumps, promoting increased strength and power while working to reduce oxygen depletion in your muscles.


As the leading sports nutrition retailer in Australia, ASN is proud to stock a range of muscle gain & strength formulas from some of the biggest brands in the industry, including EvolveRule 1, and Alpha Breed that can support your muscle and performance goals.

If you’re looking for the right muscle gain and strength supplements to help you gain muscle and maintain muscle while supporting strength and power output, we can help you find the right supplements. Simply head online or visit one of our 34 Australian stores, and our knowledgeable team can help you find the most suitable products to help you succeed. For more information check out our article on Top 10 Nutrition Tips For Muscle Gain

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What are muscle building supplements?

Muscle-building supplements are designed to help you improve the size and strength of your muscles while helping you to maintain muscle mass. These formulas can include protein formulas to help facilitate muscle growth while supporting recovery, creatine formulas that can support muscle volumisation, power output and energy during training, and pre-workout formulas that promote muscle pumps while helping to promote blood flow to your muscles.

What are the benefits of muscle building supplements?

If you’re working hard to build muscle, muscle-building supplements can support you by delivering key nutrients to your muscles. Protein supplements promote muscle growth and recovery, creatine formulas promote muscle volumisation, power output and energy during training, and pre-workout formulas help to create muscle pumps while helping to promote blood flow to your muscles. These formulas can help you increase your muscle size, strength and growth.

How do muscle building supplements help you gain muscle?

Muscle-building supplements help you gain muscle by promoting a healthy recovery after training and delivering key nutrients to your muscle to support growth. In line with training and a healthy diet, muscle-building supplements can support your exercise performance, helping you to maximise your results during training.

What are the key ingredients in muscle growth supplements?

Some of the key ingredients across these formulas include WPI, WPC and casein proteins to support rapid, moderate and slow release that can support your recovery and muscle growth over an extended period. Creatine is a household ingredient in muscle gain, supporting muscle hydration, volumisation and strength. Pre-workout supplements will generally use ingredients like L-Citrulline to promote blood flow in working muscles, Beta-Alanine to reduce fatigue during intense training, and B vitamins to support muscle repair and recovery.

Who should take muscle gain supplements?

If you are looking to increase your physique and gain muscle, supplementing with muscle-gaining supplements can help you optimise the work you’re putting in at the gym and improve the quality of your results.

How do I choose the right muscle growth supplement for me?

This will depend on your goals and how you intend to use the product. For post-training and to improve your daily nutrient intake, a protein supplement can support muscle growth and recovery. If you need something to fuel you through a workout, choosing pre-workout formulas that are designed to increase muscle pumps can help you improve your results while you train. Supplementing with creatine is important in improving muscle size and strength and can be taken before training to boost energy and endurance or after training to promote recovery.

Can muscle growth supplements help you lose fat or recover from workouts?

Muscle growth supplements can help your body repair and rebuild muscle tissue following training while supporting muscle growth by delivering key nutrients to your muscles. When you’re training regularly, watching your diet and consuming high-quality protein, you may find this assists with weight loss. As you increase your muscle mass, your metabolism can speed up, supporting weight loss as you burn more calories. A high-protein diet also supports weight loss while promoting muscle growth (Krouse, L. 2020).

Can I stack different muscle gain supplements together to get even better results?

You can, depending on the supplement. Basically, adding protein to your pre-workout is just going to make you sick, but stackability is one of the most appealing benefits of creatine.

Creatine can be stacked with protein to support recovery or pre-workout to promote strength and endurance during training. Just make sure you read the nutritional panel on your products to ensure you’re not doubling up. Most pump pre-workouts will already contain a decent dose of creatine, so make sure you’re not adding an unnecessary amount. You may also find that specific muscle gain proteins already contain creatine, so the same rule should apply there.

Overall, building a stack with a good pump supplement, creatine, and an effective protein formula will help you take full advantage of the work you’re putting in at the gym.

What are the most popular muscle building supplements on the market?

Pump pre-workout formulas like Ghost Pump and Alpha Breed Swole-Mate can support increased muscle pumps, promoting blood flow to the muscles. Protein supplements like Evolve WPI and Rule 1 WPI Protein can deliver a rapid release to promote recovery immediately after training. Creatine supplements like ATP Science’s Creatine and Switch Nutrition’s Creatine use the CreaPure type of creatine, which is the highest recognised standard of creatine.