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FAQs About Muscle Recovery Supplements

What are muscle recovery supplements?

Muscle recovery supplements are designed to help you build and repair damaged muscle and tissue after exercise and can help to reduce muscle fatigue. These supplements generally come in the form of protein powders or snacks, but amino acids, creatine, sleep supplements and collagen supplements can all support a healthy recovery.

What are the benefits of muscle recovery supplements?

Muscle recovery supplements can help you get the best out of your training, fuelling you in the aftermath by supporting muscle and tissue repair, recovery and growth. These supplements can help you reduce fatigue and soreness while promoting muscle growth and strength.

Whey protein is one of the most common ingredients used to support recovery, helping to reduce markers of muscle damage while helping to improve muscle function after resistance training (Kubala, J. 2021). Kubala, J. 2021, ‘The 10 Best Muscle Recovery Foods and Drinks’, Healthline,

How do recovery supplements help with muscle soreness?

Muscle recovery supplements like protein powder can reduce muscle soreness by helping to strengthen muscle fibres that were damaged during training, refuelling the muscles with vital nutrients and helping to reduce the chances of DOMS.

Ingredients like magnesium can help you improve the quality of your recovery, offering anti-inflammatory benefits while helping to reduce soreness, aching and cramps following a workout(Sports Injury Clinic. 2022). Protein helps to reduce muscle soreness by strengthening damaged muscle fibres and reducing the effects of DOMS.

Sports Injury Clinic. 2022, ‘Magnesium For Muscle Recovery’, Sports Injury Clinic,

What are the ingredients in muscle repair supplements?

The most common muscle recovery supplements are protein powders, which will generally contain a combination of rapid-releasing or slow-releasing proteins. Whey protein isolate or other whey blends are the most common, with plant-based alternatives usually opting for pea protein. Other ingredients include amino acids, creatine and vitamins & minerals to support your recovery.

Who should take muscle recovery supplements?

If you frequent the gym, enjoy the occasional workout, or even work a physically demanding job, a muscle recovery supplement can help you get the best out of your recovery. Whether you’re trying to reduce muscle soreness or build muscle, supplementing with a muscle recovery formula can help you achieve results.

What are the side effects of muscle recovery supplements?

In general, you shouldn’t experience any side effects as long as you consume the recommended amount each day in line with a balanced diet and healthy exercise regime. As most recovery supplements come in the form of protein powders, you may experience side effects like bloating, reduced appetite, tiredness and nausea or headaches. If you experience any side effects, discontinue use and consult a GP (WebMD. 2020). WebMD. 2020, ‘Whey Protein - Uses, Side Effects, and More’, WebMD,

How often can I take a recovery supplement?

The amount you should take will depend on your nutritional needs and dietary goals. It is important to check the nutritional panel on the back of the product and follow the recommended daily dosage.

What are the most popular recovery supplements on the market?

Among the most popular muscle recovery supplements, you will find Evolve WPI, Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch, RCN Amino Corps and Evolve Reload.

Muscle Recovery

Need help recovering after a successful session at the gym? Our range of muscle recovery supplements can help you build and repair muscle that is damaged during training.

From protein powders and joint supplements to sleep agents and more, you won’t be short on options when it comes to optimising your recovery. For more help improving your recovery, check out our blog on muscle soreness: how to recover faster.


If you’re looking for the best supplements to support your recovery, we’ve got you covered. For the best protein powders, you can’t go wrong with ON Gold Standard 100% Whey. Another reliable formula is Evolve WPI, or, for a vegan option, refuel yourself with Macro Mike Plant Protein.

Promote healthy muscle recovery with amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Amino formulas like RCN Amino Corps and Xtend BCAAs can support muscle repair and recovery.

If you want to build muscle, strength and endurance while recovering, consider adding creatine to your stack. ATP Science Creatine Monohydrate can support cell volumisation and recovery.

Don’t neglect the most critical time to recover: during sleep. Sleep supplements like Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch or Evolve Beauty Sleep can help.


As a leading supplement retailer in Australia, ASN offers a comprehensive range of the best muscle recovery supplements on the market from top brands like EvolveSwitch Nutrition, and Optimum Nutrition.

If you need help finding the right muscle recovery supplements to help you grow and repair damaged muscles after training, we have the solutions. Simply reach out online or visit us in one of our 34 Australian stores, and our knowledgeable team can help you find the products that best suit your needs. For more information check out our article on Our Top Tips For Muscle Recovery.

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