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If you’re looking to improve your muscle pumps, performance, and endurance, consider adding glycerol to your stack. 

  • Supports hydration
  • Can improve muscle recovery 
  • May improve performance
  • Contains GlycerPump®
  • Supports muscle volumisation

Love smashing PBs? Putting your muscles through warfare to build the sickest pump in the gym? Consider adding glycerol to your stack. Switch Nutrition’s patented highly bioavailable glycerol formula containing GlycerPump®, which is designed to support enhanced pumps, cell hydration, performance, endurance, and recovery. This powerful compound is ideal for bodybuilders, powerlifters, endurance athletes, and individuals working or exercising in hot conditions. 

Glycerol is a naturally occurring sugar and plays a role in supporting cellular hydration. Improved hydration is key to fuelling your body through difficult physical conditions, whether you’re a tirelessly working tradie or a high-performing athlete. Glycerol helps to support hydration, aid muscle recovery, support athletic performance, and increase muscle cell volume. 

By adding Switch Nutrition Glycerol to your supplement stack, this formula can help you improve endurance, recover quicker, and heighten workout intensity. Switch Nutrition uses GlycerPump® 65% Glycerol Powder, delivering a 3000mg dose that can improve your overall performance. Glycerol is best taken with water or a carbohydrate/electrolyte drink.


Consume 1 - 2 servings per day before exercise or as required. Mix 1 scoop (3000 mg) in 600 - 750 ml of water or add a scoop to your pre-workout, amino, protein or hydration drink.

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