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Did you know that meeting your daily nutrient requirements is becoming increasingly more difficult in Western culture? While we have plenty of options for purchasing and growing fresh produce, the reality is, the average Western diet is extremely low in vegetables, and subsequently, the essential nutrients your body requires to function at its best. The solution? ATP Science Z-Mag!


Whether you're an elite athlete, a weekend warrior or constantly on the run, you're likely to require a lot more essential nutrients than those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Yet, while fresh produce is more abundant and accessible than ever before, many processing techniques used today in food preparation is depleting your foods of vital nutrients, including minerals. As ongoing studies have found links between mineral deficiencies in Western diets and common disorders and disease symptoms, it's important to get an adequate supply of key nutrients.

From helping to promote energy levels and muscle relaxation to supporting cardiovascular system health, sleep quality and reducing muscle pain, aches and more, ATP Science Z-Mag has been specifically formulated to deliver the right amount of essential minerals to help facilitate important metabolic processes. This cutting-edge formula contains Magnesium to help regulate other minerals and to help alleviate mild cramps, spasms, and tight muscles. Additionally, Zinc and organic Selenium have been added to assist immune function, and Taurine to support healthy muscle contraction and to help maintain immune system function to fight illnesses.


  • May enhance or support energy levels
  • May promote healthy bone development, bone mass/density, bone healing/repair and bone mineralisation
  • May support cardiovascular system health
  • May support vasodilation
  • May promote immune system function and immune defence
  • May promote healthy muscle function and relaxation
  • May reduce or relieve muscle pain, aches and soreness
  • May promote muscle performance, endurance and stamina
  • May promote muscle fuel-burning efficiency
  • May support general mental wellbeing and nervous system health
  • May support cognitive function
  • May promote healthy sleeping patterns

1 or 2 capsules at a time, maximum of 3 capsules per day.

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