I’m Andrew from King Kong Strength! I’m a PT at Goodlife Bundall. Originally from the New Zealand, I grew up in the mountains of the South Island. Doing a lot of skiing and playing rugby. I moved to the Gold Coast straight out of school for a change of scenery and warmer weather!! I still love rugby but I’ve swapped playing for coaching which is perfect for me and allows me to keep training hard without the injuries!

My favourite products are definitely reload protein! (Lemonade flavour with ice!) beauty sleep, and the collagen protein.

My type of training is usually powerlifting, but I’ll also include hypertrophy and dynamic phases to keep my body feeling good

My approach to nutrition is the same as life, bite off more than you can chew and chew like F$&@ 😂😂😂 if I’m still sore then eat even more. 5000/6000 cals a day.

My favourite shop is Southy!