Chad Alexander

About me

I have been involved with the fitness industry since I left school where I've had a love for strength and hypertrophy training ever since. 

I've always had a passion for sports and exercise and grew up playing rugby league. 

Father and husband to 2 beautiful ladies  - Olive 👶 and Emma 👫

current health & fitness goals

Everyday Goal:

Be the best dad I can be to my beautiful daughter

Long/Medium Term Goals:

Win a pro card with ICN and NBA

Gain as much muscle as naturally possible 


Set macros 6 regular days with 1 higher calorie day (set by coach Joey Cantlin  - shout out to the sexy man).

Total calorie intake will vary depending on body composition goal.

Do You Follow Any Specific Training Routine?

Strength and hypertrophy based training.

Current split is push, pull, lower, upper, lower and 2 rest days per week

Changes to the program occur every 8 weeks after a deload.

My fitness achievements

I compete in natural bodybuilding competitions where I've placed/won and a state and national level.

My most recent comp prep (2023):

ICN States
🥇 Open Class
🥇 83kg+
🥈 Novice
🥈 30+

NBA States
🥇 Open Class
🥇 Overall State Champ 🏆

NBA Nationals

🥇 Open Class 1

🥈 Overall

ICN Nationals

🥉Open Class 

current favourite supplements

favourite inspirational quote

"Light weight baby" - King Ronnie