Sheoni Stainwall

Occupation: Registered Nurse/ Cosmetic Nurse Injector/ Personal Trainer, Accredited Sports Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach.

ASN Store: Burpengary 


Hi, I’m Sheoni! 

I began my nursing career with a school-based traineeship, from there I worked as an Assistant in Nursing while at university doing my Nursing Degree. After a couple of years working as a Registered Nurse, I realised something was missing.

I’d enjoyed going to the gym, I knew the benefits of eating a healthy diet and I knew that not everyone found this easy. Taking my gym passion to the next level and prepping for my first bodybuilding  competition in 2017, I went on to competing in 10 shows over the next 3 years, winning my Natural Professional Athletes status with the World Natural Body Building Federation and in 2019 making my pro debut in New York on an international stage.

During this time I decided that I wanted to share my enthusiasm for all things health and fitness with anyone and everyone who needed it! Completing my Cert III & IV in Fitness as well as becoming an Accredited Sports Nutritionist before starting my online coaching Business She’s Fit by Sheoni. I began face to face personal training in 2018 to compliment the online business, and launched my very own Fitness App providing a holistic platform to track nutrition, workouts and watch my clients body improvement progress keeping them on track and accountable with full 24/7 support.

Alongside this, I decided to pursue my passion for aesthetics, and began working as a Cosmetic Nurse Injector, now I can assist each individual in looking and feeling their very best on the inside and out!

Now, I have over 10 years of nursing experience. I work in Aesthetic Injectables in a variety of locations, as well as in the nursing in the Public Health System. I’ve transitioned my coaching for training and nutrition completely online and love every minute of it.


I’ll continue chasing my IFBB bikini pro card, I love the challenge each competition prep brings and every season I aim to improve my physique, my mentality and one day would love to grace that Olympia stage! 


Macros are LIFE. I believe in a balanced and maintainable diet, including a variety of whole foods and soul foods - the best part about macro tracking is it allows so much freedom with food without sacrificing those body goals. 


Currently I have 5 weights sessions a week, usually 3 lower body days and 2 upper body. As I’m in comp prep I also have cardio and daily step targets and this changes depending on the stage of prep that I’m in.


Attention is a must have on the daily to keep up with the mental demands of my various careers, I also love Disorder for preworkout when required.

Evolve Vegan Protein is my absolute go to for protein, whether it’s in my oats or a morning, used to make pancakes, or mixed into some yogurt! OH AND PROTREAT, my dessert essential (can you tell I’m a sweet tooth?). 


Competed in over 10 bodybuilding competitions, WNBF Bikini Pro competing internationally in New York. Placing 3rd at IFBB Arnold’s and 2nd in the IFBB Qld state show. 


Dreams don’t work unless you do!