Ella Bryant

About me

I am a group fitness instructor and lover of all things health and wellness. I am part of the Les Mills Asia Pacific National Trainer and Presenter team and when I’m not teaching classes or training I practice as a lawyer in Sydney. I come from a background in dance but love a number of different training disciplines including bodybuilding, gymnastics/calisthenics and yoga.

Current Health & Fitness Goals

I want to keep levelling up my training; learning new skills, building my physique, maintaining my mental health, finding the joy in aerobic training and being the best role model I can be for the people in my classes.


I follow a plant-based diet and for me that means I avoid meat and dairy (but still eat eggs!) as I want to try to eat in a way that is environmentally sustainable. As I train and teach a lot, I am always mindful that I’m getting enough protein. A day on my plate typically consists of: protein oats with berries and peanut butter, stirfry or a wrap with plant meat, an afternoon shake and bagel (before class) and then dinners I like to mix it up with different plant proteins! I’m a sucker for dessert too so will always have a sweet treat (like plant protein custard yummmm)

Do You Follow Any Specific Training Routine?

At the moment I’m incorporating 5x resistance sessions, teaching 3-4 cardio classes and making sure I keep in enough yoga/mobility/ active recovery sessions to keep my mind and body happy!

current favourite supplements

Fitness achievements

  • ICN NSW Fitness overall champion and winner of Pro Card, Season B 2021.
  • Member of Les Mills Asia Pacific National Trainer and Presenter Team, 2022.
  • Member of Les Mills New Zealand National Trainer and Presenter Team, 2020.
  • Certified instructor for BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyJam, BodyBalance, Les Mills Barre and the Trip.
  • Qualified personal trainer.

Favourite Inspirational Quote

"You can do hard things!"

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