Ella Bryant

Occupation: Lawyer and a Les Mills Asia Pacific National Trainer

ASN Store: Darlinghurst


I am a 28year old group fitness instructor and lover of all things health and wellness. I am part of the Les Mills Asia Pacific National Trainer and Presenter team and when I’m not teaching classes or training I practice as a lawyer in Sydney. I come from a background in dance but love a number of different training disciplines including bodybuilding, gymnastics/calisthenics and yoga.


I want to keep levelling up my training; learning new skills, building my physique, maintaining my mental health, finding the joy in aerobic training and being the best role model I can be for the people in my classes.


I follow a plant-based diet and for me that means I avoid meat and dairy (but still eat eggs!) as I want to try to eat in a way that is environmentally sustainable. As I train and teach a lot, I am always mindful that I’m getting enough protein. A day on my plate typically consists of: protein oats with berries and peanut butter, stirfry or a wrap with plant meat, an afternoon shake and bagel (before class) and then dinners I like to mix it up with different plant proteins! I’m a sucker for dessert too so will always have a sweet treat (like plant protein custard yummmm)


At the moment I’m incorporating 5x resistance sessions, teaching 3-4 cardio classes and making sure I keep in enough yoga/mobility/ active recovery sessions to keep my mind and body happy!


If I’m working in a fat loss phase, I’ll start my day with some sort of fatburner. My absolute favourite is Evolve Carnitine RX in lemonade icy pole flavour (tastes just like lemonade iceblocks!) In my pre-training meal, I mix a plant-based protein in my oats and I usually use Prana On Himalayan Salted Caramel (this one mixes really well) or the Muscle Nation Banana Nut Muffin (goes great with blueberries). Pre-workout I love the Evolve Avenger in Strawberry Kiwi and I add a scoop of Evolve Creatine RX. For my afternoon shake before class my absolute favourite plant-based protein is the Evolve Vegan protein in ANY flavour, because it is made from peanut protein all the flavours are so good and it feels like a treat. After dinner I might have some Muscle Nation plant custard and always magnesium to help recovery.


ICN NSW Fitness overall champion and winner of Pro Card, Season B 2021.
Member of Les Mills Asia Pacific National Trainer and Presenter Team, 2022.
Member of Les Mills New Zealand National Trainer and Presenter Team, 2020.
Certified instructor for BodyAttack, BodyStep, BodyJam, BodyBalance, Les Mills Barre and the Trip.
Qualified personal trainer.


You can do hard things!