Hey Fitfam! 

My name is Greta and I'm a 29 year old emergency specialist Physio living on the beautiful Gold Coast! I've had a variety of goals including 3 bodybuilding seasons, running half marathons and also CrossFit! In 2023 I am training to do a trek to Everest base camp! 

My favourite products are Pyro for my morning get up and go, Beauty sleep to help me rest and recover overnight and the peanut butter cup vegan Evolve protein! 


I train twice a day- and lately it has been 2-3 hours of cardio a day in preparation for my trek but I also do 6 strength/CrossFit sessions a week. I have had a few injuries but I was previously running up to 55kms a week! 


Having tracked my macros for three years continuously I am now content in my intuitive knowledge of my food and enjoy a fantastic balance of whole foods and my sneaky treats of gelato every now and then! I need to eat a lot to fuel my training and the majority of this is whole foods.