Hi, my name is Regan!

I’m to a 22-year-old business owner and functional fitness fanatic from Central Queensland, Australia. Without any guidance, I started my fitness journey in 2018. I was so lost and had absolutely no idea about nutrition or how to effectively train. Due to this, I fell quite ill. I was overtraining an under eating,  which led me to lose my menstrual cycle completely. 

My journey has led me to specialise in women’s health, fitness and wellness in all aspects of training and nutrition. I want to give the ‘ big sister ‘ advice I needed when I started my journey.

As an online coach, I have the beauty of having clients, not only from Central Queensland, but from all over the world. I am so thankful that I have been able to create a client community through social media. My ladies are able to reach out, and meet like-minded people to support them along the journey. 

My goal is to inform, empower and inspire not only the current generation, but the next generation coming through the gym!