My name is Rosie and I am local to ASN Greenhills but am now a national ASN athlete!

I cannot live without Evolve WPI Protein Powder (choc fudge) the flavour is to die for, great to mix in with oats or Weetbix (my favourites)! 

Evolve creatine monohydrate is a non negotiable daily ! 

Evolve Magnesium RX is my night time savour for sleep and recovery ! 

My favourite style of training is body building, because I do bodybuilding for a sport ! I have competed in WBFF and on a journey to become a IFBB wellness pro ! 

My goal with training is to become a better version of myself everyday, mentally and physically ! Enjoy the challenges !

With the body building lifestyle my nutrition is a lot stricter than your average person this means I use food as fuel ! Providing my body with all the nutritious things we need in our bodies to perform everyday to our full potential !