Emily-Rose Baltus

Occupation: Gym owner, Personal Trainer & Online coach

ASN Store: Toowoomba


My name is Emily-Rose, I am a busy mum of 2, I’m a qualified personal trainer, a 24/7 gym owner, an f45 owner, and an online coach. I started my fitness journey back in 2013 when I fell very ill due to anorexia. I was dealing with body dysmorphia, a terrible eating disorder and many mental health issues. Fast forward to now I have gained a healthy 20kg bringing me from sick & unhealthy at just 45kg - to a strong healthy confident mum & women's strength trainer.

My goal every day is to help as many women as I possibly can become the happiest, healthiest versions of themselves too!

Throughout my fitness journey I learned a lot about myself, I completely changed who I was both physically and mentally. And implanted healthy habits into my everyday lifestyle. I became hungrier and more devoted to helping others achieve this kind of success. I have an instagram account devoted to motivating and teaching others all about health, fitness and lifting well. (Instagram @emilyb_fitness)


After beating anorexia/an eating disorder and gaining 20kg so far over the last 9 years, I have been maintaining a healthy physique all year round. I have been an ASN ambassador since 2016 and couldn’t be more grateful to be on the team. :)


I stick to balanced intuitive eating: so wholesome, nutritious, REAL foods. I have 5 meals a day which consists of a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fats. I have never tracked my macros, but I allow myself treats and occasional nights out. I think the most important thing with nutrition and sticking to it is planning ahead. And balance! balance ensures you do not under or over indulge.


I use to over train 5-6 days a week and now I have cut it back to 3-4 hypertrophy strength training sessions a week. I like to move daily whether it be a walk, skateboarding, roller skating, swimming, meditation & stretching, or just playing with my kids. 

I am all about smart training and getting the most out of my time and energy. I like to teach my clients & gym members the “do less” method; where they get the most out of showing up less, doing more weight with better technique & enjoying the rest of their week.


Evolve carnitineRX (before training)

Evolve damage control aminos (while training)

Evolve Creatine & evolve WPI (after training)

Evolve collagen (at night before bed)


Completion of cert 3&4 in fitness. Personal Trainer since 2015. My partner and I own a 24/7 Anytime Fitness Gym & an f45 studio. My Personal fitness achievements: recovering from anorexia nervosa. I have gained 16kg so far overcoming an eating disorder and anorexia. Had 2 beautiful healthy children & never had a better relationship with food & exercise than I do now.


"You vs You. Always has, always was, always will be.”