Alpha Switch

Alpha Switch

Alpha optimisation formula by Switch Nutrition.

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Ready to switch on your inner ALPHA? Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch is designed to support the internal balance of your body to help maximise your performance, in and out of the gym!


  • May boost testosterone production
  • May improve performance
  • May enhance libido
  • Contains evidence-based minerals and vitamins


Alpha Switch contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and herbs to help support your nutrient requirements and hormones. Through supporting the internal balance of your body, Alpha Switch can assist in optimising your performance and functionality to help you release your inner ALPHA.

Wondering how? Let’s take a look inside. Switch Nutrition Alpha Switch contains two blends containing evidence-backed ingredients: Alpha Optimisation Blend and Super Vitamin Mineral Blend. Alpha Switch’s Alpha Optimisation Blend contains key ingredients, Fenugreek, SA3X Spilanthes Acmella, Ashwagandha and Tongkat Ali, which studies suggest may help to boost testosterone and increase libido. Additionally, the Super Vitamin Mineral Blend contains Shilajit, Magnesium Citrate, Vitamin B5, Vitamin D3 and Zinc to support your nutrient requirements and to help give you a boost throughout the day.


Release your inner Alpha by supporting the internal balance of your body thanks to Switch Nutrition’s nutrient-rich hormone support: Alpha Switch!

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