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Vitamins are one of the main building blocks of your body and can help you maintain good health. We offer a range of Men’s Multivitamins that can help you get the essential nutrients you may miss in your diet while supporting your health and wellness.

Multivitamins can be taken daily and are convenient and easy to consume. If you’re not getting enough micronutrients, then a multivitamin can help you fill that nutritional gap.


Multivitamins can help protect your health and support your well-being. Multivitamins can aid in filling nutritional gaps in your diet and ensure you get your daily dose of under-consumed vitamins and minerals.

Across our ASN stores, we offer a range of vitamins & health products that can cover your every need. With everything from joint supplements, gut health supplements, greens powders, immune boosters, sleep supplements and more, we have all of your nutritional needs covered.


As one of the leading sports nutrition retailers in Australia, ASN are proud stockists of a wide range of men’s multivitamins

If you want to get your hands on a multivitamin that can boost your intake of key nutrients or need some more information on how a multivitamin supplement can help you, jump online or drop into one of our 34 Australian stores, and our friendly team will help you find what you’re looking for.

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Mens Multivitamins FAQs

What are the benefits of taking a multivitamin for men?

Taking a multivitamin is low-risk and can help to fill possible deficiencies in your diet.

While it’s always best to get a balanced and varied diet, it isn’t always possible. This is where a multivitamin can come in handy. Multivitamins can fill small but critical nutritional gaps, and the potential benefits should outweigh any potential side effects.

Interestingly, multivitamin supplements have been associated with cardiovascular benefits in the Stockholm Heart Epidemiology Program (SHEEP), which is a Swedish population-based case-control study (Ward, E. 2014).

Ward, E. 2014, ‘Addressing nutritional gaps with multivitamin and mineral supplements’, Nutrition Journal, accessed 24 November 2022,

What are the best multivitamins for men?

ASN stock a range of vitamins and health products that can support the health and well-being of men. Products like Men's Multi+ 30 Tab can support your inner health and contribute to a healthy functioning immune system.

What are the side effects for men of taking a multivitamin?

While the research isn’t all the way there yet, there’s no suggestion that taking them can cause any major side effects. 

Potential side effects may include nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, flushing, and unpleasant taste. While this may be rare, it could be indicative of allergens you may have or the time of day you are supplementing with one. If you experience any side effects, notify your doctor or pharmacist immediately (WebMD).

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How often should a man take a multivitamin?

A multivitamin is most effective when taken once or twice a day for maximum effectiveness. Make sure you read the packaging label and follow the recommended dosage instructions (Palsdottir, H. 2021).

You should take multivitamins for up to three months to properly assess whether you’re feeling any benefits (Hayes, A. 2020).

Palsdottir, H. 2021, ‘Do Multivitamins Work? The Surprising Truth’, Healthline, accessed 23 November 2022,

Hayes, A. 2020, ‘How long do vitamins really take to work?’ Net Doctor, accessed 23 November 2022,,taking%20them%20as%20a%20precaution

What ingredients should a man look for in a multivitamin?

When shopping for a multivitamin, you should look carefully to ensure that it contains key nutrients, is backed by science and contains no banned or unnecessary ingredients.

Micronutrients can be broken into 2 key categories: vitamins and minerals.

There are 13 essential vitamins and 16 essential minerals that your body uses, and you don’t always produce enough of them on your own, which is where a multivitamin can come in handy. To get the best out of your multivitamin, look out for delayed-release capsules that can bypass your stomach and break down later in your small intestine (Gutman, A. 2022).

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