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Let’s face it… we all need a little more time to rest and relax. ATP Science’s Rest & Relax can help you take a holistic approach to your health and fitness.


There is nothing more important than a good night's sleep. Well, none of us would know since we’re running between 5-7 hours of sleep each night before fuelling ourselves with a triple shot flat white. ATP Science knows that we need to do better, which is why they’ve worked hard to create their Rest & Relax formula. Designed in convenient capsule form, ATP Science’s Rest & Relax sets out to address three issues that we’re all prone to ignoring: stress, mood, and sleep.

With a blueprint of Californian poppy and passionflower, which have been used in traditional Western herbal medicine to relieve sleeplessness, healthy sleeping patterns, and disturbed sleep, Rest & Relax also utilises ingredients like ashwagandha, which has been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to support healthy stress response in the body. Ingredients like withania somnifera, ziziphus, turmeric, and schisandra combine to support your sleep and restoration goals. This formula utilises ingredients traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support liver health, nervous tension, and to reduce disturbed sleep while ingredients traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine help to relieve symptoms of stress and support cognitive function.

So, be honest with yourself: are you satisfied with your current sleep? From busy schedules, late-night binges, multi-job hustles and late nights out with friends, life gets pretty full-on. We almost never get that recommended 9 hours of sleep, and our stress is usually buried beneath three layers of calendar invites. It’s time to start prioritising our inner health and wellbeing, and ATP Science’s Rest & Relax can help us get started.


  • Supports stress response
  • Supports nervous system function
  • Supports health & wellbeing
  • Supports healthy sleeping patterns
  • Convenient capsule formula

Take two capsules daily or as recommended by your healthcare professional

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