Protein Chips

Protein Chips

10g of protein per pack

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Want to enjoy the deliciousness of regular chips, but with 65% less fat? Look no further than Novo Easy Protein’s game-changing new Protein Chips!


  • 10g of protein per pack
  • 65% less fat
  • Low sugar
  • High fibre
  • Vegetarian-friendly


Containing 10g of protein per pack and 65% less fat than regular chips, Novo Protein Chips are changing the shape of the savoury snacking market one bite at a time!

If crispy, satisfying and simply delicious ticks all your snacking boxes, Novo Protein Chips should far exceed your expectations. This low-sugar, high-fibre, and vegetarian-friendly alternative to regular chips is the perfect snacking solution for those seeking a healthier, more nutritious, and equally tasty treat that will leave them feeling full and nourished for longer.


With the conventional appearance of regular chips, but the nutritional value of a healthy snack, you can have the best of both worlds with Novo Easy Protein’s new Protein Chips. What are you waiting for? Enjoy 10g of protein per pack and 65% less fat than regular chips!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Based on BBQ flavour

Novo Protein Chips nutritional panel

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