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Love cookies but conscious about your health goals? Introducing the Macro Mike Cookie Baking Mix. Macro friendly & nutritionally balanced protein cookie mix.
  • 100% natural
  • Gut-friendly formula
  • Plant-based
  • Only 75 calories
  • Easy to bake

The Macro Mike Cookie Baking Mix is here to give you the convenience and nutrition you need without skimping on flavour or satisfaction. These baking mixes are delicious, easy to make, and, most importantly, kind to your diet. They’re formulated with natural ingredients, almond plant-based protein, and gut-nourishing fibre for optimal nutrition.

With only 74.30 calories per serving and 5.35 g of protein, 2.91 g of fat, and 7.23 g of carbs, you can enjoy the most delicious snacks without any guilt. Monk Fruit and faba bean protein bring a unique twist to the classic recipes, while almond protein offers the muscle-building power you want for that perfect pre or post-workout snack. When it comes to baking mixes. Macro Mike are the experts. Seriously, try it for yourself.


Step 1: Empty baking mix into a large bowl. Add 100-110mLs of your favourite plant milk and mix together.

Step 2: Divide and roll the cookie dough into 12 equal sized based.

Step 3: Press the cookie dough balls down with your hand to form 12 equal sized flat cookies.

Step 4: Back for 8-10 minutes then leave to cool.

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