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Nexus Super Protein Sparkling Energy 355ml RTD

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Sour Melon
Sour Melon


You’ve heard of pre-workout in a can; now add protein to the equation with this protein and energy blend.

  • 15g protein per serving
  • Contains natural caffeine
  • Dairy-free & zero-fat
  • Added vitamin C

Nexus Super Protein Water + Energy bridges the gap between pre-workouts and protein powders, giving you a convenient combination of energy and protein to support your goals. If you’re sick of adding protein powder to a plastic shaker that still smells like pre-workout… Nexus has you sorted. Protein Sparkling Water + Energy tackles two birds with one stone, supporting both energy and muscle growth.

This game-changing new formula is ideal for non-training days when you need energy, and you want protein to support your recovery but don’t feel like picking between your pre-workout and protein powder. Combine both with this refreshing, sparkling energy RTD that can fuel you on the go when you need it most.

Whether you’re on the job site, stuck at university, between shifts, or relaxing on your rest days, Nexus Super Protein Water + Energy offers convenience and refreshment. Coming in four delicious flavours: Tropical Crush, Passion Mango, Strawberry Lime, and Sour Melon, these protein-packed cans deliver 15.5g of collagen-based protein, Astragin to support gut health and absorption, and vitamin C to support immune function and the formulation of collagen. Fuel yourself the right way.


Perfect for an on-the-go energy uplift, whether its between meetings, during that mid-afternoon slump, or to accompany your workout routine.

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Nexus Super Protein Sparkling Energy 355ml RTD Energy Drink