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30 Serve
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Looking for a vegan-friendly, high protein, low-calorie, MCT and fibre rich bar free from any artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols and fake fibre? We’ve got you covered with Macro Mike’s brand new protein bar, The Game Changer.

  • All-natural plant-based protein bar
  • 10g of protein per serving
  • Contains real ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols or fake fibre
  • Only 164 calories per bar

Containing 10 grams of all-natural, plant-based protein and only 164 calories per bar, Macro Mike The Game Changer goes far beyond just being one of the best tasting vegan-friendly snacks to tide you over until your next meal. The formula is jam-packed with real ingredients, such as dates and rice malt syrup, and has cut any of the artificial ingredients, sugar alcohols, fake fibre and words you can’t pronounce on the back of labels that are often bad for our bodies. What you’ll get in every bar is nothing but premium quality ingredients and a delicious vegan-friendly bar designed to satisfy your sweet tooth, while simultaneously increasing your daily protein intake to help you achieve your goals, even in your downtime.

Macro Mike The Game Changer is a high-protein, low-calorie functional snack loaded with extra healthy ingredients to help you get more from your results. The Game Changer contains healthy fats from coconut to give you a nice hit of MCT’s and a generous dose of fibre to nourish your gut.


Grab a bar whenever you need an extra little dose of protein!

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Macro Mike Protein Bar - The Game Changer
Macro Mike Protein Bar - The Choccy Nutter
Macro Mike Bar