Thermogenic Protein Powder

Trying to lose weight? Don’t forget about thermogenic protein powders. Thermogenic protein powders are specifically engineered to support your weight goals, boosting your intake and promoting muscle growth.

These proteins are typically low in calories, fats and carbs while high in protein. They also generally contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and thermogenic complexes that can support your thermogenesis and promote healthy weight management. 


If you’re looking for the right protein to support weight loss, we’ve got you covered. From thermogenics to gut-friendly all the way to vegan-friendly, we offer a dynamic catalogue of weight management proteins that can help you achieve your goals.

Some of our best weight loss proteins include Evolve Lipo Whey, which utilises L-carnitine and Green Tea Extract to support fat metabolisation and energy production.

EHP Labs OxyWhey can support your weight management and body composition,  while harnessing Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG to promote gut health and immune function. PranaON Phyto Fire is a vegan-friendly weight management protein that has been infused with Matcha Green Tea and Green Coffee Bean Extract to support your goals.


As a leading sports nutrition retailer in Australia, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of weight management proteins that can help you bring your body composition goals to fruition.

If you’re trying to kickstart your weight management, boosting your diet with protein that is designed to support this can go a long way in helping you build your desired physique.

Head into one of our Australian stores or reach out online with any questions! Our friendly team at ASN are always eager to help you find the right supplements and achieve your goals.

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Thermogenic Protein Powder FAQs

What are the ingredients in thermogenic protein powder?

Thermogenic protein powders (like most protein powders) will typically contain a minimum of 25 grams of protein per serving. They will typically be low in fats, carbs and calories. In some cases, weight loss proteins will contain their own thermogenic complexes, which are designed to support metabolism and boost your protein intake. They may also contain digestive enzymes to help break down protein.

How does protein powder help with weight management?

Replacing carbs and fats with protein may help you reduce the hunger hormone, which can lead to a reduction in hunger and can make you consume less calories automatically. Protein has a much higher thermic effect compared to carbs and fats and can boost your metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn in a day (Gunnars, K. 2017).

Gunnars, K. 2017, ‘How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally’, Healthline,

Who should use thermogenic protein powder?

Anybody who is trying to manage their weight goals, boost their intake of protein and curb their appetite between meals should consider a thermogenic protein powder as an effective option. 

How much protein powder should be consumed for weight loss?

That will depend on the protein powder that you choose and the quantity of protein per serve. Check the nutritional panel on the back of the packaging for the recommended daily serving. In addition, this will largely depend on other factors such as your specific weight goals, training regime and dietary requirements.

How often should protein powder be consumed for weight loss?

If you’re trying to lose weight, consuming protein daily is pivotal (and enough of it). This is particularly important after training. Check the nutritional panel on the back of the packaging for advice on how much you should consume per day. Again, this may change from person to person based on individual goals.

What protein powder is good for weight loss?

If you’re trying to manage your weight goals, Evolve Lipo Whey is one of the best. This formula is high in protein and contains L-carnitine and Green Tea Extract to support body composition and energy production. This formula uses WPI, WPC, and caseinate to combine fast, moderate and slow-digesting proteins.