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Are you looking for a guilt-free indulgence packed with high-quality protein goodness?


Maxine's Burn Dessert Mousse is a delicious and effective protein powder dessert designed to support your workout performance and aid in recovery, all while satisfying your sweet cravings! This unique supplement provides a delicious way to boost your fitness routine with the added benefit of its slow-releasing protein and thermogenic blend to help you support your body goals.

Packed with key ingredients such as milk protein concentrate, calcium caseinate and whey protein concentrate, Maxine's Burn Dessert Mousse offers a comprehensive nutritional boost. The slow-digesting proteins ensure prolonged muscle repair and growth, while the fortified digestive enzymes and natural thermogenic components support gut health and physique goals. Low in carbs and fats, this protein mousse is an ideal choice for those who want to curb cravings, support their body goals, and maintain their macros without compromising on taste.

This protein dessert is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and anyone seeking a guilt-free and high-protein dessert. Whether your goal is to build and tone muscle, support appetite and sweet cravings, or simply enjoy a nutritious snack that supports your fitness goals, Maxine's Burn Dessert Mousse is a convenient and delicious solution to help you stay on track


  • 112 calories per serve
  • Slow-release protein
  • 20g protein per serve
  • Gluten-free
  • Satisfy sweet cravings
  • Supports muscle growth & recovery

Add 1 heaped scoop (approx. 30g) to a bowl with 100-150mL of cold water and whisk with a fork until the mixture dissolves and thickens (approx. 30-60 seconds). Eat with a spoon and enjoy! Take 1-2 serves daily for a sustained release protein treat.

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