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ATP E3 is a scientifically advanced body serum, used to improve the appearance of isolated fat deposits in both men and women. Most effective in areas such as a man’s chest, or the buttocks and hips of both men and women, this shaping serum is perfect for physique models and bodybuilders, preparing for competitions and shoots. Containing Oroxylum indicum, also known as Midnight Horror, as well as kelp extract, E3 is designed to be used in particular body regions only, in order for a shaping and aesthetic effect.

Best used after showers and in isolated regions only!

The method of using this product is different for men and women.

For men it's best to take 2.5ml or half a teaspoon and massage the product on the chest. The serum should be used every day and the ideal time to use the serum is in the evenings after a shower or just before starting training.

For women it's best to take about 2.5ml (approximately half teaspoon) and gently massage the serum into the localised fat deposits on the hips and buttocks areas and the ideal time to use the serum is in the evenings following a shower.

If used in combination with ATP Subcut; we recommend you apply the BlockE3 first in the exact locations highlighted, followed by Subcut immediately after. Always trial with skin patch first.

If irritation occurs discontinue use immediately

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