• 24 grams of plant protein per serving
  • Expertly crafted to provide premium muscle support
  • Delicious blend of pea, rice, and fava bean protein
  • Recovery focused, made with 9 essential amino acids / BCAAs
  • Vegan-friendly protein formula
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Two delicious flavours available


Plant Protein vs Whey Protein - What's the difference?

While animal-based proteins, like whey protein, are renowned for their complete profile of amino acids, most plant-based proteins are often considered lower in quality due to their potential deficiency in one or more amino acids. These are referred to as 'incomplete' protein sources. However, by combining diverse plant protein sources, such as pea and rice, you can create a 'complete' protein source that addresses this limitation.

In a breakthrough formulation by Optimum Nutrition, Gold Standard 100% Plant Protein incorporates all 9 essential amino acids, effectively bridging the gap and offering your body a comprehensive array of vital building blocks. This ensures your body receives the full spectrum of essential amino acids it requires for optimal function and performance.

Do plant protein powders help build muscle?

Indeed, it appears to be the case! A recent study yielded noteworthy findings, revealing no discernible disparity in muscle size or volume between individuals adhering to a plant-based diet versus those embracing an omnivorous (animal-based) diet during their training regimen. The researchers' ultimate deduction was that the pivotal catalyst behind these outcomes was the consistent fulfillment of participants' daily protein requirements essential for effective muscle growth.

Find a plant protein you enjoy the taste of and stay consistent!

How much plant protein do you need per day?

The amount of protein (plant protein or animal derived protein) that your body requires daily is dependent on your size and goals. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) is 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. However depending on your level of activity, your body may require additional protein. It is advised to talk to a professional to understand your specific requirements.