3 Caffeine Sources that Will Put Your Daily Cuppa to Shame

Caffeine: It gives you life in the morning, kick starts your daily errands, enhances your gym workouts, and quite frankly, keeps the world spinning. Whether you live for your morning cuppa, prefer a mid-morning Redbull, love to unwind with a green tea, or enjoy sipping on your afternoon Kombucha, guess what? You’re getting your caffeine fix...and according to the Journal of Food Science, 80% of the world’s population also gets their fix of caffeine every day (Heckman 2010). But, have you ever wondered if there are better sources of caffeine out there that can offer more than just a quick energy boost first thing in the morning or when you hit that 3 pm wall? 

Getting your daily caffeine fix doesn’t always mean settling for just your regular triple, venti, half sweet, non-fat, caramel macchiato. If you’re loco for cocoa but are ready to trade it in for a more effective caffeine buzz, check out our top 3 caffeine sources that are guaranteed to put your regular morning brew to shame! 

1. Before You Speak One Coffee

Why settle for just a regular coffee when you can enjoy a morning cuppa infused with superfoods, antioxidants and key nutrients to improve your health, wellbeing and performance?

If you find yourself reaching for a coffee a few times a day to keep yourself stimulated or struggle to jump out of bed to hit the gym without the sweet smell of roasted beans, you’re speaking our language. However, the question must be asked - are you getting the most from your coffee, or could there be better? If the answer is yes, we’ve got the perfect solution for you… 

Enter stage right: Before You Speak One High-Performance Coffee

Before You Speak is the latest Australian player to rise to fame with the launch of their ingenious idea to combine two of the greatest joys in life: good health and great coffee!

But, what does high-performance coffee even mean and why is it so popular? 

Where your coffee is grown and how it’s processed makes a huge difference when determining the quality of the finished product. In fact, there are only certain locations around the world where growing conditions are optimal and the land is fertile enough to produce high-quality coffee beans that are loaded with antioxidants and a clean strong flavour. However, with this higher quality, generally comes a higher price tag. 

Dedicated to providing a product that values quality above cost, Before You Speak have used entirely 100% pure Single Origin Colombian Arabica Coffee from the Eje Cafetero region (one of the few places mentioned above that is optimal for growing coffee), which means they can pass those benefits onto you...at no extra cost! (In fact, did you know that the average coffee costs $5, whereas the average Before You Speak coffee costs only $2.33). 

So, what makes One High-Performance Coffee so popular? 

We could get out our scroll, but we’d be here all day. So, we’ll just let the ingredients speak for themselves:

  • Green Coffee Bean - Proven to assist with blood sugar management and appetite control

  • MCT Oil - Metabolises unwanted fat and is also great for enhancing mental clarity, improving your mood and general performance

  • Turmeric - This ingredient is best known for its anti-inflammatory properties and positive effects on metabolism and wellbeing

  • Ginseng - This will help your body regulate cortisol (also known as your stress hormone), which will result in longer-lasting energy, alertness and stamina

  • Black Pepper - Key ingredient, BioPerine, has been clinically proven to increase nutrient absorption by up to 154%, which will ensure your body is getting the nutrients you need at a faster rate 

2. Before You Speak GLOW Coffee

But wait, performance-enhancing coffee isn’t the only thing Before You Speak does exceptionally well. You can now get your daily caffeine fix while simultaneously regaining your youth with GLOW Collagen Coffee, or as we like to call it, ‘A cup of youth’. 

What is GLOW Collagen Coffee all about?

Did you know - Around the age of 18-20, our natural collagen production starts to naturally decrease over time, approximately one per cent less every year! (I know, simply terrifying). 

It’s no secret that collagen loss is among the leading contributors of weak hair, brittle nails, compromised skin, and a natural stage of maturing. However, with the help of Before You Speak GLOW, it no longer has to be. Jam-packed with leading collagen-enhancing and antioxidant-rich ingredients, such as Single Origin Colombian Coffee, Marine Collagen, Silica, MCTs, Vitamin B6 & B7, Camu Camu, Lysine, Proline and more,  GLOW is designed to boost your metabolism, support skin hydration, promote elasticity and firmness, and improve hair, nail, skin and joint health, all while boosting your energy and alertness. 

How could you benefit from a little extra GLOW? 

Who wants the fountain of youth when you can have a cup of youth? In addition to its energy-enhancing benefits, here’s how this collagen coffee can help you glow from the inside out: 

  • Marine Collagen - Absorbed up to 150% better than most alternatives, Marine Collagen contains higher levels of type I and III collagen (the type for skin, nails and hair) and is known to help improve joint health, reduce skin ageing, enhance hair health, increase nail strength and improve skin elasticity. 

  • Silica - Studies have shown this ingredient helps to reduce hair loss and boost shine, while simultaneously helping to strengthen nails 

  • Camu Camu - Did you know that this ingredient contains 30 times the vitamin C of oranges, which is vital in the formation of new collagen? This one is packed with antioxidants and is known to reduce inflammation

  • Lysine and Proline - These two ingredients may help reduce wrinkles/fine lines

3. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy 

Love the effects of caffeine, but hate the taste? Believe it or not, the best caffeine sources don’t always have to come from your morning brew. And Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is living proof of this! 

Whether you prefer refreshing water-based flavours over the strong taste of coffee beans or are simply looking for the perfect energy-booster to get you ready for your next workout or to give you a second wind at 3 pm while sitting behind your desk, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is the perfect choice! 

But, what is it? 

Optimum Amino Energy is one of the most versatile amino acid products on the market, capable of being integrated into your daily routine as a morning pick-me-up (for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning), a pre-workout (for those who need a little boost in the gym), intra-workout (for those who want to feed their muscles as they train), or to sip on throughout the day to enhance your BCAAs intake. 

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy contains a powerful amino blend and energy blend to deliver essential amino acids to your body to facilitate muscle recovery, while simultaneously helping to enhance energy and focus to help keep you alert throughout the day. 

So, what’s the benefit of switching to Amino Energy? 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside the formula and why it’s our go-to: 

  • Amino Acids - Essential Amino Acids cannot be produced by the body, which means they must be sourced from food or supplementation. As such, Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy combines all of the Essential Amino Acids required for optimal cellular health, muscle recovery and performance. The formula also contains amino acids, Taurine, Citrulline and Beta-Alanine, which have been added to help maximise muscle recovery, improve blood flow, enhance nutrient uptake and reduce fatigue. 

  • Caffeine - The formula contains naturally occurring caffeine sourced from green tea and green coffee, which delivers a natural and steady release of caffeine to enhance energy levels, performance output, and cognitive function. 

  • L-Arginine and Citrulline - These two ingredients help to boost nitric oxide, and as a result, vasodilation. But, what does that mean? Vasodilation essentially refers to the widening of blood vessels, which occurs when your muscle cells within your vessel walls relax. When this occurs, more blood, nutrients, and oxygen can reach your spent muscles to assist with muscle recovery and growth. 

  • Versatile - Need a gentle morning pick-me-up or looking for an intense pre-workout? Whatever your reason for wanting an extra energy boost, Amino Energy can be customised to suit your needs. It’s as easy as adjusting the serving size to adjust the energy. Perfect for gym-goers, office workers, and everyone in between!  

So, is it time to make the switch? 

Research has shown that consuming a small to moderate amount of caffeine daily boasts a range of health benefits. From improving your attention span and memory to boosting your mood and athletic performance, caffeine makes the perfect ingredient for those wanting to get more out of their workday or gym performance. 

For those who can’t start or end their day without a hit of caffeine, why not up the ante by switching to a caffeine source that does so much more than simply provide energy? Before You Speak One and Glow, and Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy are our go-to supplements for getting the energy-enhancing properties synonymous with caffeine, with the addition of various other health and performance benefits! 


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