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We all love Christmas, right? The atmosphere is lively, we get to reunite with old family, the gifts are flowing (as is the food), and let’s not forget, it’s generally when Michael Buble comes out of hiding for another round of epic Christmas tunes.

The best part of all? Spending time with those you love. A little cliche? Yes… but a little true? Absolutely. And, what a year it’s been. So, instead of celebrating your nearest and dearest with disposable gifts that’ll go out of season quicker than Mariah Carey’s next Christmas carol return, perhaps it’s time to get a little more serious about your gift-giving. The solution? This year, give your loved ones the gift of good health—the gift of longevity, wellness, energy, and performance.

Without further ado, here is ASN’s top 5 supp gift guide for that special woman in your life.

Christmas Gift Guide for Her:

1. Nutra Organics Thriving Protein

For: the lady who lives and breathes wellness

If you’re shopping for a woman who’s interested in all things health and wellness, she’s no doubt heard of the much-loved and truly premium quality brand Nutra Organics. Designed to transform beauty and wellbeing with pure, potent, and proven formulas that provide the nourishment you can feel and results you can see, while being kind to the planet in the process. And let us tell you now, their Thriving Protein formula is no exception. What can you expect from Nutra Organics? No pseudoscience, no artificial nasties, and no cheap fillers. Just quality, research-based nutrition formulated by their team of in-house naturopaths and nutritionists.

Why we love Nutra Organics Thriving Protein:

Over 15g of protein per serve

High in antioxidants

Pregnancy and breastfeeding-friendly

Supports digestive, muscle, and bone health

Suitable for kids over 12 months



Two delicious flavours - Classic Cacao Choc & Smooth Vanilla

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2. Evolve Collagen

For: anyone seeking the fountain of youth who wants to glow from the inside out ;)

Unless you’ve been seriously avoiding social media (and potentially living under a rock), the reality is, you’ve likely heard of collagen and its never-ending stream of incredible benefits. Contrary to popular belief, collagen isn’t just another beauty product for the skin. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and plays an important role in supporting various internal functions. From hair, skin, and nails to muscles, bone, and cartilage health, collagen is the glue that holds your body together. The issue? As we age, our body’s natural collagen production declines, resulting in the first signs of physical and functional ageing. The solution? Two words: Evolve Collagen!

Why we love Evolve Collagen:

Supports hair, skin, and nail health

Supports muscle, bone, and cartilage health

Contains hydrolysed (i.e., fast-absorbing) collagen peptides sourced from bovine

Available in three delicious flavours - Natural (unflavoured), Chocolate, and Raspberry Icypole

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3. Muscle Nation Custard Casein Protein

For: the health enthusiast with an undeniable sweet tooth!

Imagine a world where you could have your cake and eat it too? Yep, we’re talking about being able to eat delicious and satisfying dessert without any of the guilt. Well, good news for you: you’re looking at it. Muscle Nation’s Custard Casein Protein is the perfect pick for that special lady in your life who is as committed to her health and fitness goals as she is to polishing off that bowl of ice cream. It’s all about balance, right? This game-changing formula is the perfect way to hit those goals without having to give up the sweeter things in life!

Why we love Muscle Nation Custard Casein Protein:


High-protein, low-calorie, low-fat

Zero gums, creamers, and fillers

Supports muscle recovery and growth

Increases satiety

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4. Evolve Body Goals Pack

For: the girl who’s ready to get serious about her goals

Got a lady in your life who’s ready to crack down on those goals and be her best self? This is the perfect companion for her (and you, of course)! Evolve’s Body Goals Pack is made up of their much-loved Carnitine RX fat metaboliser and one of Australia’s favourite weight goal supps, Pyro. This dynamic duo is fantastic solo… but double the trouble when paired together (and extra delicious, might we add). Just take one look at the ingredients panel, and it won’t take you long to work out why this is a must-have pack for anyone with weight goals in mind.

Why we love the Evolve Body Goal Pack:

Supports your weight goals

Vegan-friendly and stimulant-free (Carnitine RX)

Mental performance enhancement (Pyro)

Delicious flavours to choose from!

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5. ASN Fuelled Resistance Bands

For: the girl who wants to tone and tighten with minimal equipment.

Have you been searching for the perfect gift? We’ve just found it for you! Whether the special lady in your life is just beginning her fitness journey or she's been an avid workout warrior for some time now, ASN Fuelled Resistance Bands are a cost-effective and easy way to add constant tension and stimulation to the muscle with activation for an all-around strength workout. Easy to incorporate into your already established exercise program, ASN Fuelled Resistance Bands are designed to use alongside your usual exercise routine to add resistance or assistance.

Why we love the ASN Fuelled Resistance Bands:

Available in 3 different resistance strengths - 13mm red (15-25 pound resistance), 21mm black (25-50 pound resistance) and 32mm purple (75-100 pound resistance)

Durable hard-wearing rubber

Compact and lightweight


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