The Big Secret The Fitness Industry Doesn'T Want You To Know About Fat Burners


Written by: ASN



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Firstly, what is a Fat Burner?

Majority of fat burners on the supplement market primarily work by increasing your heart rate to burn more energy during exercise and by manipulating your body to use fat more effectively during exercise. A secondary function to fat burner supplements is it gives you a more awake/focus feeling during exercise therefore increasing your performance during training. Without getting too in-depth not all fat burning supplements are the same as some use different ingredients and different dosages of ingredients which is why so many people have conflicting opinions on what works best.

How do Fat Burners actually work?

Let’s look a bit closer into how fat loss in the body works. To achieve a state of where your body is using fat for energy you need to burn more energy (calories, kilojoule) then what you are consuming, this is referred to as an energy deficit and can be tracked from day to day. To achieve a daily energy deficit this will happen through your dietary intake and exercise. Even with the strongest fat burning supplements or drugs if you are not in a calorie deficit fat loss will not occur. If you have ever taken a fat burning supplement and felt that it didn’t work as well as you have wanted then recording your dietary intake through applications such as “My Fitness Pal” is necessary, simply put eating huge volumes or burgers, soft drinks, ice cream and donuts then thinking of taking a fat burner to help with your body not putting on fat will not work.

The supplement industry has become one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, especially when it comes to fat burning supplements. We are lucky to be in a generation where supplement manufacturers have advanced technologically in leaps and bounds, producing some highly effective formulas and some innovative weight loss formulas.

If you want to take advantage of the leaps and bounds in fat loss technology, your best option is to always talk to an expert in person and find out exactly what is the best fat loss product or products for you. What suits you best will depend on your goal, as well as your personal tolerance of stimulants like caffeine. There are so many brands and products you want to avoid, it is best to ask the professionals when it come down to what goes in your body.

Which Fat Burner is right for me?

Not doing the hard sell by any means, but your local ASN Store is one of best places to receive bias free advice on what fat burner will be the best for you given your goals.

Remember, Fat Burners work by increasing the bodies’ metabolic rate and therefore increasing the amount of calories burnt daily, with or without training. Obviously training is paramount to your fat loss goals, but Fat Burners are shown to give you that extra help to achieve your desired results.

What do Ingredients do Fat Burners include?

The ingredients Fat Burners contain will very to their intended user, and thus, some fat burners include ingredients specific to a person’s body type or goal - for example some fat burners will focus on controlling estrogen to ensure fat and water retention is decreased. Water retention is a common issue for most women and explains why the yo-yo up and down in weight throughout the day, weeks and month.

Other Fat Burners may include ingredients to increase mood, energy and optimise insulin to ensure we aren’t storing excess fat and that we are pulsing with energy when dieting and training which will help you function day to day and increase productivity.


When combined with a healthy diet and training, fat burners are the perfect supplement to ensure you are optimising your utilisation of fuel and increasing your mood and energy levels to cope with the reduced calories and increased energy expenditure which are the product of any dieting and training regimen.