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Been waiting for Prime to come back in stock? Or, more accurately, have your kids been hounding you to buy some more? We’re not surprised; Prime Hydration isn’t easy to get your hands on these days.

Like trading cards on the playground at school or desperately searching for toilet paper rolls during the lockdown, Prime Hydration has become almost impossible to get your hands on. Whether you’re a parent curious about the ‘YouTuber drink’ that your children are going on about, or you’re genuinely interested in the hydration drink that has entered the Powerade v Gatorade battle, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide.

Is Prime Hydration an energy drink?

This is an important first question for any parents worried that their children are putting themselves at risk by consuming high amounts of caffeine. Don’t worry; Prime Hydration contains no caffeine and is a hydration drink similar to Gatorade.

Prime Hydration comes in a 500ml bottle, while Prime Energy comes in a thin 355ml can. Make sure your children are consuming the right one, and if this isn’t for your children, grab whichever one you want (If you can get your hands on it).

Who created Prime Hydration?

We probably don’t need to answer this one because we’re sure you’ve seen them on the news, in the boxing ring, on YouTube, or in your Instagram reels, but we’ll give you a rundown.

Logan Paul and KSI are huge. With a following of over 50 million between them on YouTube, the rivals-turned-business partners have come together to create arguably the hottest trending drink in the world right now.

After fighting it out at the Staples Centre in LA back in 2019 (with KSI winning via a split decision), the two internet sensations put their past behind them, uniting to create PRIME.

So, let’s give you a little background about who these two influencers are:

ksi and logan paul

Logan Paul

Logan Paul is an American social media influencer and professional wrestler (Don’t confuse him with Jake Paul, his younger brother who has followed a similar career path, following boxing instead). Currently signed to the WWE, Paul has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube, a popular podcast called Impaulsive.


Believe it or not, his name isn’t actually KSI. Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunja is an English YouTuber, rapper, boxer and business owner. KSI began his YouTube career making commentary videos of him playing FIFA. He has since become the CEO of Misfits Boxing and co-founder of the popular YouTube group The Sidemen.

Together, they created PRIME, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why is the PRIME Drink so popular?

prime hydration RTDs

That is the question, isn’t it? Prime has taken the world by storm, and the high demand for Prime has made it difficult for businesses to keep it in stock. Seriously, just check Facebook Marketplace, and you will see how much people are paying for it.

So, what makes this Prime drink so popular?

Is it the marketing?

Is it the faces behind the name?

Is it a testament to the quality of the product?


Prime is everywhere. Logan Paul is everywhere. KSI is everywhere. Remember, it only took four hours for all six original flavours to sell out on their original online launch day.

How’s their marketing?

The prime drink featured an ad that ran during The Super Bowl, and the DrinkPrime Instagram account has over 1.5 million followers. You can find them in YouTube Shorts, in your face on Instagram and Facebook, and they’re present in some of the biggest sports in the world. And when we say present, we mean people are literally dressed as giant Prime Hydration bottles to promote the product.

Prime is the official sports drink of the UFC, which, on average, can generate from 300,000 to over 2,000,000 viewers globally. They are also the official hydration partners of Premier League club Arsenal FC, who are currently league leaders at the time of writing.

They have also put substantial effort into outlining how & why Prime Hydration is superior to competitors like Gatorade. Scroll their Instagram account at your own leisure to see what they have to say.

Are Logan Paul & KSI responsible for the success of the Prime drink?

You bet they are. When you attach any global celebrity name to a brand or product, you’re going to attract a new audience. Take Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin or Kylie Jenner with Kylie Cosmetics. When a figure that people idolise puts their name beside a business, they will create an audience.

Would Gatorade sales skyrocket if Logan Paul and KSI owned them? Probably. The marketing has to be good to garner interest, and the faces behind the brand have to be icons to create further interest. So that brings us to the quality.

Is Prime any good?

prime hydration drink

Prime is new. It’s different. It’s captivating.

Logan Paul and KSI set out to create a drink that is effective, functional and bold. A drink not just for sports but for any endeavour. With the amount of traction this product has, it’s safe to say it is a high-quality drink. You don’t become the official hydration partner for one of the biggest football clubs in history if your formula is rubbish, nor do you become the official sports drink of the UFC.

What are the ingredients in Prime drinks?

Introducing Prime Hydration. Prime Hydration is a compelling blend of electrolytes, antioxidants and BCAAs designed to support you through every endeavour. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up during the day, want to refuel after a brisk morning walk, or need to replenish yourself after an intense session at the gym. Prime Hydration is a jack of all trades.

Prime Hydration contains a blueprint of:


Coconut water


B vitamins



The Prime drink also contains 0 added sugars, is gluten-free, and is naturally flavoured, meaning no artificial colours.

Does Prime taste good?

The Prime drinks are anything but boring. Seriously, try one and see. With flavours like Meta Moon (don’t ask us what that is) to Ice Pop and Blue Raspberry, Prime Hydration has also struck a balance by including comforting, classic flavours that will always resonate with an audience. We’re talking Grape, Lemon Lime, Tropic Punch, Orange and Strawberry Watermelon. Basically, there is something for everyone.

How many calories are in Prime?

Prime Hydration contains only 25 calories per bottle, which Logan Paul and KSI claim is far lower than the calorie count of their competitors.

Does the Prime drink have sugar?

Both Prime Hydration and Prime Energy contain 0g of added sugar. They do, however, contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Does Prime contain caffeine?

Prime Hydration does not contain any caffeine and is designed as an everyday hydration drink. If you’re looking for a caffeinated product, Prime Energy is expected to reach Australia in 2023. If you’ve been watching the news, you may have seen that KSI and Logan Paul recently toured in Australia to promote Prime Energy, drawing in dangerous crowds that echo shades of the Woodstock festival in 1969.

Watching footage of people fighting for Prime in-store in America mirrors the experience of desperate, last-minute Christmas shopping and frantic Covid panic buying. If you saw the hoards of people surrounding KSI and Logan Paul’s Prime bus, you might think they had won the FIFA World Cup.

Can I mix Prime with other beverages?

Well, would you mix Gatorade with other beverages? It’s not off the table, but they’re generally designed to be consumed how they are. You could freeze them and make ice blocks or combine them with other supplements if you wanted, but it would be important to research what you were doing to avoid any adverse effects.

So, what are the benefits of the Prime drink?

Prime Hydration is a globally-trending hydration drink that can support you through your day-to-day life. Whether you need something with a bit of flavour while you type away at your desk or want a drink that can keep up with your active lifestyle, Prime Hydration has you covered.

This sports hydration drink contains a matrix of ingredients that can support your hydration, performance and recovery. With a desire to fill the void where taste meets function, KSI and Logan Paul have created a powerhouse product packed with BCAAs, electrolytes, B vitamins, antioxidants and more to keep you refuelled and refreshed.

Where can I buy the Prime drink in Australia?

Right here. Avoid Facebook marketplace, steer clear of Ebay, and don’t trust that man in the trenchcoat down the dark alleyway. Trust ASN. As a leading sports nutrition retailer in Australia, we work our hardest to re-stock Prime as fast as we can to ensure you can stay fuelled with your favourite hydration product.

The Bottom Line

Prime isn’t here to gather dust. It’s here to fuel you towards your results. The Prime drink has taken the industry by storm since releasing last year, and that honestly feels like an understatement. Prime is here to make noise, and they won’t be going silent anytime soon. Don’t believe the hype? Try Prime for yourself.

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