Healthy Sweet Snack Ideas For Weight Loss


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Finding balance within your diet is essential for maintaining long-term lifestyle changes when it comes to achieving specific body composition goals like weight loss. Quick fixes and ditching food groups may provide short-term changes; however, you’ll find these methods and results unsustainable when managing your weight and long-term health. Developing a positive relationship with food is critical! This involves getting creative with your food choices and looking at healthier alternatives to complement your body goals and boost your overall health.

A healthy, well-balanced diet combined with regular exercise, supplements to support your health and wellness, and positive lifestyle habits is essential for maintaining weight loss long-term. Remember to review all elements of your approach along with your treats for a successful weight goal journey!

Short on time?

Join the club! Set yourself up for success with a bit of preparation. Fail to plan = plan to fail! That said, whipping up a batch of protein balls before the week gets into full swing could be what keeps you on track when you’re busy, tired and looking for healthy sweet snacks for weight loss results. For a little bite-sized inspo, check out our blog: Protein Balls Recipe - Ideas From Chocolate!

Healthy sweet snacks for weight loss

Ok… So you’ve got your main meals in order but are still craving a sweet snack with your mid-morning coffee and are trying your best not to order a triple choc brownie with your cafe latte (we’ve all been there.) Save your money and your calories with:

Macro Mike Double Choc Protein Brownies

Macro-friendly and an easy healthy snack for weight loss, give in to your cravings without the guilt and stay on track towards your body goals minus the temptation. Formulated with Macro Mike’s infamous plant-based protein, get your fix with a dairy-free, gluten-free, low-calorie baking mix alternative that will keep you fuller for longer while contributing to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. There’s no need for a list of expensive hard-to-find ingredients to whip up a batch of delicious Macro Mike Double Choc Protein Brownies; simply add water to the baking mix... and bake!

Smart Protein Bars

When it comes to easy healthy snacks for weight loss, Smart Protein Bars are a no-brainer for many. Why? Not only do they offer 20g of protein per bar and added prebiotic fibre, but they’re also low calorie, low carb and free from sugar alcohol and preservatives! As one of the healthiest protein bars on the market and one of our top sellers, Smart Protein Bars are a convenient way to keep up your protein intake and stay satiated between meals by helping curb cravings with their high protein content - sourced from grass-fed whey. With a broad flavour selection, you’ll never get sick of these all-natural healthy, low-calorie snacks for weight management goals!

Muscle Nation Custard Casein Protein

You’ve heard of the term, ‘have your cake and eat it too’, right? Well, with Muscle Nation’s Custard Casein Protein, you can! A healthy evening snack for weight loss that tastes so good, you’d think it was too good to be true… Get the most out of your before-bed treat with a slow-release casein protein to nourish your muscles and support recovery while you sleep!

Packed with fibre and flavour, whip up a delicious low calorie custard dessert treat in minutes with this five-star rated gut-friendly, glutamine-rich formula and reap the rewards of slow-release casein protein.

X50 Choc Zero Mylk Chocolate

Are you wrestling with those chocolate cravings while working hard on your weight goals? Don’t sweat it. Create balance with Choc Zero Mylk Chocolate from X50! Smooth, creamy and oh so decadent, enjoy the sweeter things in life without guilt thanks to plant-based, prebiotic-rich alternatives like these. Snack sized for convenience with macronutrients to complement your goals, healthy sweet snacks for weight loss have never tasted so good!

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

Did you know liquid calories can hinder your weight loss goals without realising it? If you’re one for fizzy drinks like soda or opt for an on-the-go energy drink for that extra buzz, then it might be time to give Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy drinks a try instead! Full of amino acids to support your recovery, along with caffeine and electrolytes, quench your thirst and cravings for high-sugar sodas minus the calories with a ready-to-drink formula engineered with your goals in mind!

Let’s be honest, achieving weight loss goals isn’t easy, but with healthy sweet snacks like these, your journey to attain weight management results can be a little less restrictive and a little more enjoyable, which means setting yourself up for long-term success. Check out our full range of macronutrient-friendly snacks and drinks here!

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