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Here is a great guide to some everyday healthy "swaps"! These are some really simple alternatives to help you living a cleaner & healthier lifestyle every day without having to go without!

You won't believe what small changes can make in your body!

Coconut oil
> Margarine

Cauliflower > White potato

Mushroom > Burger bun

Oatmeal > flour

Almond milk > Cows milk

Almond meal > Breadcrumbs

Avocado > Mayo

Dark choc > Milk Chocolate

Sweet potato > French fries

Greek yoghurt > Sour cream

Kale chips > Potato chips

Lettuce wraps > Tortillas

Apple cider vinegar > Salad dressing

Natural peanut butter + greek yoghurt > Satay sauce

Greek yogurt > Sour cream

Zucchini ribbons > Pasta

Pink Himalayan salt > Table salt

Coconut oil > Butter

Brown rice > White rice

How many of these swaps are you already doing? Comment below !