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So, what is Creatine?

Creatine is a natural chemical that lives in your body and is used to improve your workout performance and muscle mass (Watson, S. 2020).

More specifically, Creatine is an amino acid that is stored in the muscles and acts as a natural energy source. When you’re in the middle of a great gym session and you find yourself needing a boost, your body will convert Creatine into Phosphocreatine that will help to fuel your muscles (Morgan, D. 2022).

Creatine is not considered an essential dietary nutrient despite being produced naturally in the liver, but supplements may prove beneficial when trying to increase strength and muscle growth.

So how does that benefit women? We’re about to tell you.

Is Creatine good for women?

Whether you exercise a few times a week or hit the gym like clockwork, adding Creatine to your fitness plan may help you reach your fitness goals.

But what about Creatine for women? There seems to be a rumour that Creatine is only effective for men and that taking it as a woman might lead to you experiencing bloating or make you look bulky. We’re here to bust that myth right away.

When taken correctly, Creatine can benefit women just as it does with men. It may help you improve your upper body strength while significantly reducing your body fat percentage (Muszalski, C. 2019).

Creatine can increase your ability to exercise at high intensity while developing lean body mass, muscle strength and bone mass. The supplement may also help you reach your weight goals, coming with the addition of building lean muscle mass. If used regularly, Creatine could drastically increase the quality of your workout while also helping you to achieve your body goals (Muszalski, C. 2019).

Don’t worry if you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet: Creatine is safe. While most Creatine is found in animal products, the majority of Creatine supplements are synthesized from sarcosine and cyanamide and do not contain animal by-products (Kaviani, M et al. 2020). With that in mind, we recommend double-checking the label on the back to be sure.

How do you use Creatine?

Don’t worry; Creatine is safe and easy to use. We’ll take care of you.

Firstly, you can consume Creatine at any time of the day, and it is most effective when taken on the same day as any physical activity.

You can enjoy it however you like, whether you want to mix it with a smoothie, a glass of juice or even a cold glass of water.

Like most effective vitamins and supplements, Creatine is most beneficial when used as part of a consistent routine. Adding it to your daily smoothie or afternoon snack can help create a habit around taking it, improving its overall benefits (Morgan, D. 2022).

Creatine pulls water into your muscle cells, so consuming it with a glass of water is one of the most advantageous ways to reap the benefits. You could also consider a carb or protein-based meal as it may help your body absorb the Creatine due to the release of insulin (Mawer, R. 2022).

Benefits of Creatine

We know you’re here for the benefits, so let’s get started.

Assists in the production of energy

As we mentioned earlier, Creatine helps to increase your muscles’ phosphocreatine levels and elevate your workout to a higher level.

May improve performance in high-intensity exercise

Creatine can improve many factors, including strength, power, sprint ability, muscle endurance, resistance to fatigue, muscle mass, recovery and brain performance (Mawer, R. 2019).

Accelerates muscle growth

Creatine is considered one of the best products for supporting performance and muscle growth. Creatine can accelerate muscle growth by aiding cell hydration and reducing protein myostatin (which can slow growth) while raising the levels of muscle growth-supporting hormones (Davis, A. 2021).

May reduce fatigue and increase mental performance

One of the best benefits of Creatine is that it can help reduce fatigue and tiredness by providing your brain with extra energy and raising your dopamine levels (Mawer, R. 2019).

How do I get started?

We’re glad you asked.

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