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Whether you struggle with motivation or getting pumped for your morning workout, a pre-workout supplement may be just what you need to gear up for an intense training session!

What is a Pre-workout?

A pre-workout supplement contains an elixir of ingredients carefully chosen to help enhance your mental energy levels, focus, and mood, to improve your endurance and workout performance. Whether you want to train harder and longer in the gym or simply enjoy the endurance to run further before fatigue sets in, a pre-workout supplement can source the additional mental energy your body requires to outperform your last workout.

How and When Do I Take A Pre-Workout?

While the instructions may differ slightly from product to product, as a general rule of thumb, most pre-workouts are mixed with water and consumed roughly 30 minutes before a workout to maximise the effects. However, if you're trying a new pre-workout for the first time, we highly recommend only using half a scoop to assess your tolerance before diving straight in.

What are the Different Pre-Workout Options?

Pre-workouts come in three different options - ranging from high-stimulant, low-stimulant, or non-stimulant - to suit all preferences and dietary requirements. Keep reading to find out which option is most suitable for your needs and goals:

1. High-Stimulant Pre-Workout

Designed for experienced fitness fanatics who are serious about their results and performance, high-stimulant pre-workout supplements are known to get you in the zone and deliver hard-hitting extra mental energy when you need it most. Whether you've outgrown your regular pre-workout or are ramping up the intensity of your current workout regime, upgrading to a high-stimulant pre-workout will give you extra fuel to help you go the extra mile!

Known to leave you feeling extra focused and, in some cases, alert, high-stimulant pre-workouts aren't for the faint-hearted! From enhancing mental energy and performance to reducing tiredness and fatigue, high-stimulant pre-workouts are designed to offer the same benefits as a regular pre-workout, with the addition of powerful doses of key stimulants, vitamins, and performance-boosting ingredients.

Our top pick: Evolve Avenger, Faction Labs Disorder, and Supplement Cartel Crank.

2. Low-Stimulant Pre-Workout

Designed with recreational gym-goers and amateur athletes in mind, low-stimulant pre-workout supplements may provide the focus and clarity you need to smash through your workouts without the effects of a high stimulant pre-workout. So, who is a low-stimulant pre-workout designed for? Those who want to train to their maximum potential with a modest boost of additional low-stimulant energy that won't disrupt their sleep cycle too much due to heavy stimulants.

Our top pick: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy and PranaON Pure Boost.

3. Non-Stimulant Pre-Workout

Generally used by athletes who are sensitive to caffeine or those who want the benefits without the powerful stimulant effect, a non-stimulant pre-workout is designed to naturally contribute to cognitive function and focus while still allowing for rest and recovery. Unlike stimulant-based products, non-stimulant pre-workout supplements help you train at any hour of the day and night, without potent stimulants that are known to keep you buzzing well past your bedtime.

But, without caffeine, will the benefits be lost? Not at all! Many ingredients can be substituted for caffeine to deliver similar benefits.

Our top picks: Muscle Nation Three-D, Primabolics Grind Non-Stim Pre-Workout, and Faction Labs Disorder Bulge.

What's in A Pre-Workout?

Like any performance-enhancing supplement, there's no 'one size fits all' approach to pre-workout formulas, which means what you find in one product, may vary in another. However, there are many popular ingredients used in pre-workouts, including the following:


Agmatine Sulfate




Just to name a few!

Who Should Take A Pre-Workout?

Whether you're new to the gym, an experienced CrossFitter, or an elite athlete looking to level up your performance and results, a pre-workout might be the perfect workout buddy to help you get there. Your pre-workout should complement your training regime and body composition goals, so if you're unsure which pre-workout is best for you, have a chat with our friendly team to discuss the best pre-workout for you.