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482A Bridge Road, Richmond
Victoria , Melbourne , 3121
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10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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ASN Richmond is your local one stop shop for all your health, fitness, and supplement needs. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our ability to invest time into the advice and strategies we give our customers. Our staff have a range of different experience and training/sporting backgrounds, and are conscious of staying up to date with the latest research and products in the field of nutrition and supplementation.

We understand that the world of supplements is big and can be overwhelming at times with the constant changing of research and recommendations by health professionals. Sports supplements are often misunderstood and associated purely with bodybuilding and figure modelling. We want to show you that supplements are for all sports, fitness levels, and genders, and that a basic supplementation plan can make a massive difference not only to your performance, but most importantly, your recovery. Let our expert staff guide you through the world of health and fitness, and together we can find the most efficient way for you to achieve your goals, because your success is our success.

At ASN Richmond we like to take a personal approach to supplementation, and cater our advice according to the type of training you do, the lifestyle you lead, and the goals you wish to achieve. We have a body composition analysis scale in store at all times so we can accurately track your progress and tailor your nutrition and supplement plans to your specific needs. Regardless of whether your goal is to gain muscle, lose body fat, gain strength, or just improve your overall health and wellness, we have what you need to make it happen!

ASN Richmond is located on the corner of Swan Street and Docker Street in Richmond, just east of the Richmond Train station. You can find parking behind the store on Docker Street at all times. We’re open 7 days a week so come in and chat to one of our friendly staff members today.

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