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Welcome to the Optimum Nutrition Tradie Bundle, where we offer products that not only replenish critical electrolytes for hydration, but also support muscle repair and recovery.

Serious Mass

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass is a premium mass gain protein formula designed to support muscle growth and weight gain. This product provides the necessary tools to help individuals hit their calorie goals and put on size. Whether you're struggling to consume enough calories, have a highly active metabolism, a weak appetite, or an on-the-go lifestyle, Serious Mass protein powder can support your mass gain goals.

  • Supports serious muscle growth
  • Supports muscle tissue repair
  • Contains over 250g carbohydrates
  • Contains 50g blended protein
  • Contains 20 additional vitamins & minerals 
  • Offers 1,250 calories per serving
  • No added sugar

Amino Energy + Electrolytes

From promoting energy and recovery to supporting performance and endurance, Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy + Electrolytes formula will ensure your body is jam-packed with all of the goodness it requires for optimum endurance and performance, with the added benefit of electrolytes to ensure you remain hydrated and replenished post-workout.

  • Low calories and carbs
  • EAAs to promote muscle repair
  • Supports focus and energy
  • Delivers essential amino acids
  • Contains electrolytes for hydration 

Serious Mass

Mix 2 scoops of the powder into 700-720ml of cold water or milk using an electric blender. This allows to you add in fruits, peanut butter and other calorie-contributing foods. TIP: New users should start with a 1-scoop half serving. Use post-workout and/or between meals to add calories, carbs and protein to your healthy, balanced diet.

Amino + Electrolytes

Mix about 2 scoops into 330 ml of cold water and mix. Consume first thing in the morning, before exercise, as an afternoon pick-me-up or any time of day.

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