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Take your athletic performance to the next level with Switch Nutrition Hydrate+, a comprehensive electrolyte, carbohydrate, and endurance blend.


Listen up, athletes, because your supermarket sports drink is about to become redundant. Switch Nutrition has built a hydration formula specifically designed to support runners, cyclists, sports players, and high-intensity athletes who are looking for a specific combination of fast-absorbing carbohydrates, electrolytes, antioxidants, and minerals to comprehensively support their performance. Switch Nutrition Hydrate+ is built for results.

Seriously, this might be one of the best hydration formulas on the market. With a scientifically supported 2:1 sodium-to-potassium ratio and the added benefits of taurine, this supplement promotes overall well-being while supporting health and performance. By replenishing essential electrolytes like sodium chloride and potassium phosphate, Switch Nutrition Hydrate+ supports fluid balance and muscle function. The inclusion of Himalayan pink salt provides trace minerals to support nutrient absorption, while vitamin C aids immune system health. Additionally, magnesium citrate, calcium citrate, and taurine support muscle function, energy metabolism, and cardiovascular health.

Switch Nutrition Hydrate+ is designed for athletes, active individuals, and anyone seeking a performance and hydration boost. Whether you’re a marathon runner, a football player, or an endurance athlete, this advanced formula ensures you're ready to take on any challenge. Hydrate+ is your go-to companion to support hydration and energy during high-intensity exercise. Ditch the supermarket electrolytes and replenish yourself with this natural blend.


  • Supports hydration & energy
  • Supports nutrient & muscle recovery
  • Supports endurance & performance
  • Added vitamin C
  • 2:1 sodium/potassium ratio
  • All-natural formula

Mix 1 scoop pre, during or post workout for enhanced performance, recovery and endurance. If working outdoors in the heat, mix 1 scoop in the desired amount of water at any time you feel like a hydrating boost. 

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Switch Nutrition Hydrate +
  • Energy

  • Muscle Recovery