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30/60 Serve
30/60 Serve
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Candy Watermelon
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Kickstart your morning routine with Primabolic Metaboylz - the ultimate active lifestyle support formula.


Perfect for those seeking an effective weight support solution to match their active lifestyle, Metabolyz by Primabolics provides clean, sustained energy to power you through your day. This Australian-made supplement combines a full ingredient profile backed by research to ensure you receive the best supplementation regime available.

Primabolics Metabolyz is crafted with an extremely well-thought-out formula that includes a Thyroid and Metabolic Support Botanical Matrix, Glucose Disposal Blend, Metabolic Vitamin Blend, Natural Extracts Thermogenic Complex and Mood Support Matrix. This potent blend not only supports your physique goals but also delivers clean energy with no crashes, making it ideal for continuous, focused performance. Plus, what’s not to love when this supplement comes in a range of delicious flavours?!

Primabolics Metabolyz is perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness, whether you're an athlete needing sustained energy without the downsides of heavy stimulants, someone managing their weight goals, or even professionals needing a boost throughout long workdays.


  • Active lifestyle support
  • Weight support formula
  • Contains vitamin blend
  • Australian-owned
  • Clean energy

Take 1 rounded scoop first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not take within 6 hours of sleep. During the day it is recommended you drink plenty of water when using thermogenic products. For best results, take with a calorie controlled diet and workout regime.

1 additional scoop may also be taken 20 minutes before training to maximise intensity and fat burning during exercise. Do not take more than 3 serves in a 24 hour period.

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