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If you're looking for an effective way to lift heavier, support muscle growth, or improve your grip, the Get Gripped Lift Ezy' have got you covered!

  • Wrist strap designed to fit average-sized hands
  • Secure one hand grip and release
  • Innovative wrist support
  • Wide wrist strap with high-density foam and adjustable hook and loop closure

Featuring a wide wrist strap with high-density foam and an adjustable hook and loop closure, the Get Gripped Lift Ezy Bar Grips are designed with functionality, comfort and durability in mind. Whether you're trying to build strength, improve your grip, or lift heavier, Lift Ezy Bar Grips are your one-stop solution for getting more out of every workout. The wrist straps are designed to fit average-sized hands, with the innovative wrist support ergonomically designed to rest at the base of the hand to protect the hand and wrist with unrestricted circulation, while eliminating calluses.

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