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These potent smelling salts release ammonia gas to support heavy lifting and PB-setting. Catch the scent of success and smash your PBs with Insane Labs Wake The Dead Smelling Salts.


Smell the fear of the gym equipment as you shatter your PBs with Insane Labs Wake The Dead Smelling Salts. Those pre-workouts may be strong, but we know you can be stronger. These smelling salts are designed for anybody looking to take a step beyond their usual routine to perform beyond their limits.

Destroy every workout with these potent smelling salts that are enhanced with spearmint to enhance your senses. With a powerful smell that can destroy any weakness, this focus-fuelling, strength-enhancing support formula will ensure you are always switched on when you need it most. Designed to release ammonia gas, these salts trigger a strong inhalation reflex that can activate the sympathetic nervous system, increasing your heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity.


  • Potent smelling salt
  • Enhanced with spearmint or wintergreen
  • Can elevate focus for PR lifts
  • Designed for powerlifters, strongmen, weightlifters and strength athletes

  1. Open bottle
  2. Add 1 capful of water to cotton ball under lid
  3. Resecure the lid and shake well
  4. Carefully approach the bottle of salts to your nostrils and inhale a slight whiff
  5. Close bottle securely after use
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Insane Labz Wake The Dead Smelling Salts: Spearmint
Insane Labz Wake The Dead Smelling Salts: Wintergreen