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Discover the natural way to support your liver health with Herbs of Gold St. Mary's Thistle - because a healthy liver is the cornerstone of overall vitality.


Herbs of Gold St. Mary's Thistle is your natural ally in safeguarding liver health and promoting overall wellness. In an era where environmental toxins, poor diet choices, and lifestyle stressors take a toll on our bodies, maintaining optimal liver function is crucial. This potent herbal supplement harnesses the power of St. Mary's Thistle (Milk Thistle) to provide an effective solution for those seeking to support their liver naturally.

Packed with Silybum marianum, a powerful antioxidant, Herbs of Gold St. Mary's Thistle offers multiple benefits. It has been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support healthy liver function and health. However it’s more than just a tool for your liver. Additionally, this supplement relieves symptoms of indigestion, digestive discomfort and maintaining gallbladder health. Each capsule contains high-quality, standardised extract to ensure consistent potency and effectiveness.

Herbs of Gold St. Mary's Thistle is ideal for individuals exposed to environmental pollutants, those who consume alcohol regularly, or anyone looking to support their liver function proactively.


  • Maintains liver health
  • Relieves digestive discomfort
  • Supports gallbladder health

Take 1 tablet daily, with food, or as directed by your healthprofessional.

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