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Herbs of Gold Childrens Fish-I Chewable

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Give your child the nutritional edge they need with Children's Fish-i Care - because a healthy mind and clear vision are the foundations of a brighter future.


Herbs of Gold Children's Fish-i Care is an essential supplement designed to support healthy eye function and nervous system function in children. In a world where children are constantly engaged with screens and digital media, ensuring they receive the right nutrients for optimal brain and eye health is more crucial than ever. This product offers a comprehensive solution by providing high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, which are vital for growing minds and eyes.

Packed with DHA and EPA, the two most critical components of omega-3s, Children's Fish-i Care maintains healthy eye function, nervous system function and general health and wellbeing in children. Each fish-shaped chewable is Vanilla Berry flavoured and naturally sweetened with Xylitol, making it easy to consume and tooth-friendly.

Children's Fish-i Care is ideal for children who may not get enough omega-3s from their diet alone, such as picky eaters or those with limited access to fatty fish. It's particularly beneficial for kids in their formative years, supporting nervous system function and maintaining healthy vision during critical growth periods.


  • Supports nervous system function in children
  • Maintains eye health in children
  • Vanilla Berry flavour
  • Fish shaped squirts
  • Contains EPA & DHA

Children 2-4 years –Twist or snip off the tail from the capsule, then squeeze the fish oil straight into your child’s mouth or onto your child’s favourite food. Take 1 capsule daily.
Children 5-8 years –Chew 1 capsule daily.
Children 9-13 years–Chew 2 capsules daily.
Or take as directed by your health professional.

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