Stack And Save FAQs

Will I still get my usual 10% off?

For the length of the sale, no! If you purchase ONE product, you can still use your WOMENSCHAT code as per usually. However, if you shop our sale (two or more) the discount will automatically be 20% off.

What happens if my free shaker doesn't add?

No worries, there are two options here!

  1. Go back to where they accessed the link and click it again. The shaker will automatically add back into their cart.
  2. Click here to access the Women's Chat Shaker which you can then add back to your cart.

The discount will automatically apply as the discount is attached to their web cookies.

I've removed my discount for the shaker from the cart, what do I do?

All you need to do is add in the discount code ‘WOMENSHAKER’ on the cart page. This will make your shaker free again!

Is everything on sale?

You’ll get 20% off when you buy ANY 2 or more products. This excludes protein bars, cookies, drinks, energy gels, clearance, shakers, socks, gift cards & any products with variants under $15.

*Please note, no discounts, monthly deals, promotions or coupon codes will be applicable in conjunction with our Stack n Save sale. The discount will apply at checkout.

Is the sale in-store too?

Our Stack n Save sale is available both in-store and online.

Do I need a discount code to shop the sale?

No discount is needed. Your discount will be applied at the checkout automatically. 

*Please note, no discounts, promotions, monthly deals or coupon codes will be applicable in conjunction with our Stack n Save sale.

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