Fuelled Fam

Hey there,

Can you believe WINTER is officially here? I hope you are all keeping well! Thank you to everyone for your awesome content you posted for our Fuelled Family bomb last Thursday night!

Athlete Shoutout

I’d love to congratulate the Collective athlete’s who had the most coupon code uses in May:

In store sales:  Katie Cousins - ASN Burpengary athlete
Online sales: Sheoni Riggs - ASN Coomera athlete

Thank you both for promoting your discount codes/ links! We appreciate your hard work!

Your Focus in June

1. Let's keep the UGC momentum going 🤳🏽
    Please create and post another reel, UGC style - based around the supplements you use. We know you are experts in your field so let's highlight some of, or one of, your favourite ASN supplements and share some valuable insights with your audience!

    🪝 Want to create a scroll-stopping reel? The key is to grab attention right from the start with a hook that intrigues your viewers to keep watching. In those crucial first seconds, viewers decide whether your reel is worth watching or if they'll scroll past it. The power of a hook cannot be underestimated; it can make or break your content. Hooks can evoke various emotions, such as excitement, intrigue, surprise, or even humour, depending on the desired effect and your message. 

    2. Have you heard of Brand Taglines before?

    Brand taglines are memorable mottos or phrases that serve as a permanent expression of a company’s purpose and mission. They are designed to be instantly recognisable and remain top of mind when a person hears it.

    Disneyland “The happiest place on earth”
    Nike “Just do it”

    We would love to share with you our ASN taglines and encourage you to use these in your videos, where appropriate!

    - Shop with the Experts
    - Fuel your Potential
    - All the Best Brands in one shop!
    Supps you won’t find anywhere else

    3. A BIGGER Nudge for Social Love! ❤️
      This was in our last newsletter but noticed not many of you are giving us the love we truly desire 🥲💔 Our ASN National socials have been super quiet from your end. And hey, we totally get that life gets busy. But here’s the thing – your engagement not only boosts our community's visibility but also plays a crucial part in our mission. And of course, we’re always keen to engage with your posts too!
      Let’s get back to spreading the love on the socials a bit more! A Like / Comment / even a share to your story goes a long way.

      Not sure what our National pages are? Links below:

      National IG


      Any questions, please reach out:
      Email: sponsorship@asn.com.au
      IG: @holly_asn

      I hope you all have a fantastic month! We can't wait to see how creative you get with your content.

      Holly and the ASN team!



      Your monthly content requirements are: 4 x feed posts + 8 x stories.

      To be counted as 1 of your ASN sponsorship posts, ASN must be clearly in the footage. Whether that be an ASN product, you’re wearing an ASN shirt/ crop top, or you’re using your ASN shaker, etc.

      Each month it’s your job to encourage your followers to shop at ASN to receive 10% off their purchase by using your coupon code instore or your link for online.
      We track your coupon code each month so please don't forget to promote it every time you post!