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Been looking up the paleo diet? Don’t worry; we’ve got the protein to support you.

The paleo diet is based on consuming the foods that were presumed to have been eaten by early humans and consist primarily of meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Dairy products, processed foods and other modern luxuries (like that morning mug of coffee) are removed from your diet.

While this diet can offer plenty of benefits, including weight management, improved insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure and more, it can be restrictive when it comes to consuming the right foods. This is where paleo protein powders can make the difference.


When it comes to a paleo diet, it is important to eat simple, unprocessed foods. Despite meat being a primary food source, much of the paleo diet consists of plant-based sources. As a result of this, most paleo protein supplements are natural and plant-based.

Among the most effective paleo protein supplements, you will find Macro Mike Premium Almond ProteinMuscle Nation Plant ProteinNutra Organics Thriving Protein and White Wolf Vegan Natural & Lean Protein.

Whether you’re trying to hit your weight loss goals or optimise your health & well-being, pure paleo protein powders can help you achieve that.


As a leading supplement retailer in Australia, ASN offers a comprehensive range of paleo protein powders from top brands like Macro MikeWhite Wolf, and Nutra Organics.

If you need help finding the best paleo protein powders to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, we have the solutions. Simply reach out online or visit us in one of our 34 Australian stores , and our knowledgeable team can help you find the right paleo protein to suit your needs.

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Paleo Protein Powder FAQs

What is paleo protein powder?

The paleo diet primarily consists of lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts, as these were the foods that were consumed in the early days of civilisation. Paleo protein powders can help you follow this diet by using sources of protein that reflect the paleo diet. These formulas are dairy and lactose-free, primarily using whole-food sources like collagen peptides or eggs. They are often gluten-free and are 100% natural, and free from any artificial flavours, sweeteners and additives. If you’re looking for a natural protein to support your health and body goals, paleo protein powders are an excellent option.

What are the ingredients in paleo protein powder?

Paleo protein sources are majorly plant-based and vegan-friendly since early mankind didn’t consume dairy products from animals. These paleo formulas are usually natural and plant-based to support a paleo diet and typically contain protein sources sourced from whole foods like collagen peptides or eggs. They are dairy, lactose and gluten-free and contain no added sugars or artificial colours.

Who should use paleo protein powder?

If you are trying out the paleo diet or are looking for a protein supplement that supports goals in line with a paleo diet, then you should consider this protein form. From weight management to lower blood pressure, healthy blood glucose and improved insulin sensitivity, a paleo protein can support you. If you are looking for a natural formula that is free from sweeteners, additives and other fillers, you may also find a paleo protein effective.

How does paleo protein powder compare to regular protein powder?

Paleo protein differs from standard protein powders as they utilise ingredients that follow the paleo diet. This means that there is no dairy of lactose in these powders, and they mostly utilise plant-based sources of protein. These formulas are typically gluten-free and are 100% natural, and free from any artificial flavours, sweeteners and additives. 

Generally, paleo protein powders are flavourless unless the flavour is added from pure cacao or vanilla, and will avoid protein forms made from whey, casein, grains or ingredients like peas, rice, or quinoa. Whole food sources of protein are the most common, and these formulas are clean and use sources like collagen peptides and eggs (The Paleo Diet. 2022).

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