Calm Stress Support

Calm Stress Support

  • Reduce symptoms of stress & mild anxiety
  • Support general mental well being

Available in 60 Tablets.

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Feeling wired and tired or simply struggling to get through your daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed? It might be time to make the switch to a product that has your best interest at heart. Say hello to Body Science’s cutting edge formula, Calm Stress Support!


  • May relieve sleeplessness
  • May calm the mind
  • May soothe nerves
  • May support muscle health and strength
  • May aid post-exercise recovery
  • May reduce free radical damage to body cells post-exercise
  • May support healthy body-stress recovery


It’s no secret that optimal recovery is the key to optimal health and performance. Yet, when your body is in a constant state of stress, it’s nearly impossible to recover or make progress. The solution? Your body requires something special to make finding balance easier again. Something to help relieve sleeplessness, calm the mind, soothe your nerves and support healthy body-stress recovery. Yep, we’re talking about Body Science Calm Stress Support!

Whether you’re suffering from overtraining, are feeling the full weight of a stressful 9-5, or simply spend too much time living in your head, we get it. For many of us, stress is abundant in our lives, but that doesn’t mean it should be. BSc Calm Stress Support contains an elixir of ingredients, including Recoverben, Bluenesse, Zizyphus, Kava, Vitamin B6 and Chromium, proven to help promote a calm and positive mood, mental focus, concentration, memory and to help improve your ability to cope with stress. Here’s what you’ll find inside the tub: to help reduce muscle damage without blocking the cellular adaptation to exercise post-workout, Recoverben has been added to the formula. To support alertness, concentration, mental focus and a calm positive mood, cutting-edge ingredients, Bluenesse and Zizyphus, have been added. To help relieve stress and nervous tension, ancient plant extract, Kava, has been included and to further support nervous system health, Vitamin B6 is BSc’s go-to. Finally, for healthy insulin function and glucose metabolism, Chromium has been added to the mix.


Find your calm to perform, recover, thrive and live life better with Body Science’s cutting-edge product, Calm Stress Support. Containing a cocktail of heavily researched ingredients, BSc Calm Stress Support is designed to promote a calm and positive mood, support mental focus, concentration, memory and your ability to cope with stress.

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